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Zucchini sticks with barbecue balls

You can still get the zucchini, which you can use in many ways. The family has a healthy lunch, the baby has a nice snack.

I gave the following adults:
1 kilo of tender (soft skin) soft zucchini
a bunch of fresh dill
a head onion
three cloves of garlic
4 deci natъr yogurt
one tablespoon of whole grain flour
40 deka darбlt turykahъs
20 decans of zucchini, grated or chopped
Five tablespoons of fine-grained oatmeal
two cloves of freshly cooked garlic
a small head of chopped onions

croissant coriander
Crazy cumin
Fresh curry

Here's how:

Cut off the two ends of the zucchini, then plan on a turntable or grate on a large hole. Cut the onion finely, drizzle with a little oil, then strain the zucchini and fry until soft. Then pour the yoghurt mixed with the flour, boil it once, then squeeze in three or two larger cloves of garlic and stir in the diced chopped dill.
In the meantime, you can grill the barbecue in the oven. Shuffle the ingredients (you can put an egg in it but you don't have to) and let it sit for twenty minutes. Afterwards, form small balls and bake on baking sheet in a preheated oven at 200 degrees for fifteen minutes.

What does the baby get?

For 7-8 day cards: Onion, remove three tablespoons of stewed zucchini and cook with a dense amount of water and one tablespoon of oatmeal. You can smell it with a little dill, you can blend in a wooden ball if there is no egg in it.
For cards from 10 to 12 days: First, give just a little of the cooked cookery to see if it dries on dairy products. You can put a bullet in your hands as early as nine months old.