Family Home Discount - CSOK 2016

Changes to the new family home improvement discount have come to the fore. Here's what you need to know about the 2016 CSOK.

The CSOK is an old-fashioned social welfare letter with all families who have children or have children. Amounts range between $ 550,000 and $ 10,000,000. It can be used for buying or buying a new home, buying a used home, or home improvement. Cannot be recorded.

Conditions of CSOK

1. Insurance relationship

CSOK 2016

The Family Creation Benefit (CSOK) is for an insurance contract. What it means? From the point of view of social security, you have both an employee and an individual and a company (who does not carry out auxiliary activities) in an insurance relationship. The employment relationship should not be confused with the insurance relationship. (It may be more than an employment relationship, but one can be an insurance relationship.)
At the time of purchase of a used property, at least one of the claimants must have at least 180 days of continuous social security coverage, further under the condition that no one may have a life threatened.
2. It must not be public
It is also very important that you have a claim for public debt - so you don't owe it to the tax office, nor does it have a tax debt, if you have a business or a business, it is not under liquidation.3. Married couples, life partners, and single children with children
Marital couples, individuals living in a certified life relationship and having a child can benefit from CSOK. (The fetus also counts as a child from the 24th week of pregnancy).
Lifetime partners can also claim a benefit for non-social children living with them in a public household. In each case, the amount of support they receive is accounted for by their own children, and a more favorable design can be used.
4. Ages under 40 yrs
Couples who have not yet had a child but are under 40 and have a contract for their future childbirth may also qualify for CSOK. They can have 1 or 2 children ahead if they fail to have 4 or 4 children. If you have a child within the age of 8, you will have to repay the loan with interest.
For couples with children, there is no age limit for parents, either for buying new or used real estate. A child is considered to be a fetus at the time of gestation after the 24th week of gestation, or a dependent child of less than 20 years of age if educated at a higher education institution.
5. Residential property
The Family Home Discount when buying a new property does not have any restrictions on existing real estate properties: you can buy new real estate that (either or both of them) own one or more properties. There is no need to sell existing real estate to be eligible for the CSOK.
This is not the case with second-hand homes: in this case, the claimant may own up to 50% of the property.
In the case of a used real estate, the applicant must live in the property for at least 10 years.

How long does it take to complete the contract?

And for a child to have a child, there is 4 for one child, 8 for two children (adoption, childbirth counted) - literally, the above 10 years - 3 children!
For the 10 + 10 Million CSOKs, they want as many children as possible, and they will be given 10 years to complete. So, if they have a third child with 2 existing children, they could extend their childhood to 10 years.
For those who are thinking of adopting instead of their own child, the regulation extends the deadline for a child to complete by two years. This is also the rule for new real estate.

New Year 2016: 10 + 10 Million for 3 children

The $ 10,000,000 non-refundable grant can be claimed by young people with three children over the age of ten to buy a new home! In addition to this amount of $ 10,000,000, the new state-subsidized home loan with a maximum interest rate of 3% (this is the explanation of the $ 10 + 10 million news).
In addition, a claim for $ 10,000,000 for a three-child, new home purchase, or purchase 2 year health insurance - in this case, however, the employment relationship does not count.

Where can I get the CSOK?

Regardless of whether or not you want to take out a loan for a family home loan, you need to submit your application to a credit institution (mortgage credit institutions, commercial banks, savings cooperatives). (At Citibank and CIB, for the time being, the CSOK program does not work, it does at most banks.) Usually the price varies, but up to 30,000 Ft.

What Basic Papers Are Required for CSOK Requirements?

  • Certificate of exemption from public debt, issued by NAV, not older than 15 days
  • Social Security Certificate (at least 180 days) from TB
  • a statement arrуl that there is no real estate in the name of her spouse and children
  • sale / purchase contract (include CSOK verbatim)
  • Valid documents, residence card, ID card, tax card. Not just adults, but children
  • birth certificate for children, parents marital certificate
  • can also apply for a floor plan of the apartment and a certificate of employment
  • Other Papers Worth Buying From Your Selected Credit Institution

  • How much is CSOK going for me?

    The amount of family home improvement allowance depends on the number of existing and chosen children, and the size of the living space to be purchased.
    Number of childrenNйgyzetmйterЦsszeg
    Buying or buying a new home1 child-$ 600,000
    2 children-$ 2,600,000
    3 or more childrenhome: minimum 60 m2,
    house: minimum 90 m2
    $ 10,000,000
    Used home purchase or extension1 childminimum 40 m2$ 600,000
    2 childrenminimum 50 m2$ 1,430,000
    3 childrenminimum 60 m2$ 2,200,000
    4 or more childrenminimum 70 m2$ 2,750,000

    The purchase price for a used home purchase may not exceed $ 35 million, and the purchase price may be up to 20 percent higher than the value determined by the credit institution. As a result, the county's demarcation of the area has been eliminated, only the maximum price can be taken into account.
    There is no upper limit on the cost of buying or buying a new home (previously the regulation set a ceiling of 30 million, but this has been removed).
    For non-refundable support, the state will register a mortgage right on the property and must have compulsory home insurance.
    Only assisted persons can own property in a new home built or purchased with a family home improvement discount. Even in the case of a home purchase, the bank conducts an on-site visit, which may include costs.
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