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The National Human Reproduction Program has been in the process of being developed, which has suppressed male infertility.

According to reports, the package of measures will encourage men to become more aware and healthy. According to professional sources in the paper, there is a long-standing need for centrally supported donors, because in our country the treatment of the problem is nowhere to be found, even in other countries, for example, infantly assisted sperm donors have a discount.So help government bear men (photo: iStock) The Ministry of Human Resources (Emmi) has been working for months on a package of measures to reduce men's infertility. The intйzkedйscsomag wants tбrni causes of fйrfi meddхsйg, would megelхzйssel against meddхsйg if Possible, "the nemzхkйpessйg visszaбllнtбsбval" solve the problйmбt йs нgy nцvelni szьletйsszбmot.A the Hungarians egйszsйgi mutatуi the legjelentхsebb terьleteken worse uniуs бtlagnбl, and the fйrfiak egйszsйgi бllapota much worse.
Thus, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, drug use, stress, or overuse may contribute to the development of male infertility. asked the department where and to what extent they intended to implement the National Reproduction Program. The specialist did not respond to the request for the page. "Infertility is not a Hungarian problem, but civilization problems are worsening in other countries as well," said a specialist at a fertility center on it is at this point that they become interested in the subject, when they tell us that the 'globalized' problem of the atherosclerosis in the body, that you have no stiffness and if you want to have sex you should change. move away and put down the cigarette "- explained the specialist in life medicine Mбrky Бdбm "As a rule of thumb, I usually say that if you go out to the bathroom in the morning, and do not see the part that is essential for the proliferation, then you have to change what you want first he wants to be a dad, "he added.
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