Between mountains, between valleys

It's fun to go out with toddlers, and the three-year-olds just love the family getaways. However, it is only slightly known that one is more aware when he is in the middle of the woods with a sapling of diapers or wet shoes.

Between mountains, between valleys

Of course, we should not start with a full package for several weeks, but there are certain things to keep in mind. A blanket is such a must have. And so is the water.

Let's make a list!

Let's think and write about the things that can make a great adventure easier. The most important thing is to always have enough clean water. Not only do we want to quench our thirst, but because children are able to take everything.
Nature is "well-lit" with us: we can find poisonous flowers in every color of the heart, and mushrooms - especially if we do not know them - are generally not tactile. And the kid's attention will surely be raised by the red-hooded killer. Even the spurge of a galaxy can cause lethal poisoning. The small hand cow should always be washed if he is advised and before eating a sandwich or apple.


We always go out in long trousers, drag the trousers into the socks to avoid ticks. In the woods, we can meet mosquitoes even in dry weather, and they also offer excellent protection against trousers. Insecticides can also do a good job. Of these, we carry either the ball or the head design, thoroughly washing after use of the cream variants.
It's a good idea to give your baby a lightweight cap to help keep insects from attacking. However, in the excursion, shoes are the key. Always keep it closed, but light and comfortable. Only those who made the decision to make one of the puddles of the forest and had their child burned were the only ones to make the change. Rubber boots are not required. One leg is swollen, the ankle is not properly held by the ankle. In wet, slouchy times, let's only start if the image of a child who has fallen in the abdomen has appeared before our spiritual eyes, and we think we can handle the problem.
The pullover can also be good, the forest is always a few degrees cooler, and as the sun goes down, we can get cold. Raincoats are already pocketed today, not a big burden.

Ignore the word

Carrying so much elementalism with us that no one is worried about hunger can ruin space. But there is no need to pack the entire fridge, and the treats can stay at home. Mostly because all the kids will be thirsty after all, and the whole trip will soon come from packing and packing your backpack. (Backpacks are the most practical exercise bikes available, with two free hands.)
With little kids, don't plan for the long haul, do not make the trip a failure. The point is to have time to talk about, talk about flowers, pebbles, observe snails, bees, beetles.
It's a good idea to start with two plans, and in the middle, the kids decide whether to go the longer or shorter forest paths.
We carry the photo machine primarily for our own sake. It's worthwhile to stop by for more common family programs. You'll want to look at the photos sooner, except when the kids reach adolescence. Sometimes we won't go out and remind them of what a wonderful family they were ...
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