Christmas chats, information, good advice

The offer begins the very last week before Christmas. Many times we find that it is better to give than to receive without even counting. The HazziPatika.com team visited two children's hospitals in 2001 with a large box.

Both the Heim P Children's Hospital and the Madarszsz Street Institution have received a lot of help from our editorial staff, as well as the dear Reader. We have not lost hands now, though, and we have begun to recite them: they were filled with news and good advice for the holidays. We asked Dr. Ervin Smrcz, chief medical officer at Heim Pбl Children's Hospital, to guide us to where the best place for autosport for small patients would be. Doctor has already guided us to the tannery, where the little ones have started excitedly and the big ones have begun to help them unravel the salmon sugar and rebuild the competition. A special department has recently opened in Rottenbiller Street to treat children with congenital and acquired problems with the most qualified patients. The leather department itself is pre-emptive, which among other things can bring out the true spirit of a real playroom. Not only are this year's gifts waiting for their final place. Ervin Smrcz gladly reminded them that not only do they receive an extraordinary amount of work, but also the attention before the holidays. Artists and foundations offer them with different productions, play packages. Many of their transitional residents who were released before the holidays promised that they would come in for Christmas or come so that they could enjoy the blessed blessings and warmth of the Christmas in the city. Nine Santa Clauses do not turn around every day, and Heim Pбl Children's Hospital will not rest during the holidays. Although only the most affluent children in the health club - who may be coming home for Christmas - will remain, many children will be taken out of the classroom for the holidays. Let them come to watch in the meantime - hope for less.
To ask what parents need to pay special attention to, are there typical year-end accidents, we received good advice to be given: Then we leave them alone, saying, let them enjoy, let's have fun. Well, then the tiny little toys, the game parts - that, not that - find every possible stretch of the child's body with incredible speed. Bats, party games, and smaller screws on the bigger brother's kit are particularly dangerous. It would be better not to act on them under a certain age - experience adds - but this warning cannot be given many times and in advance. Ice skating, roller skating, and skateboarding accidents are also on the rise, as new tools are often put out by the cuckoo. Perhaps the number of accidents that occur in all new years is even greater than at other times, but it is a fact that they try out new sporting goods in a few days. Therefore, we urge parents to be careful, soberly, with great caution to encourage their children to try new things! In Madras Street, the play room had already been opened, and similarly great pleasure was expressed. By the way, we want you to use less and less.
We wish all children and grown-ups a very happy Christmas, a happy holiday, a good rest and a healthy, joyful New Year!