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This is the most severe flu outbreak since 2009

This is the most severe flu outbreak since 2009

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About 37 children have died in the flu pandemic in the United States. Since 2009, it is the most severe flu outbreak in the US.

This is the most severe flu outbreak since 2009According to data from the American Center for Law Enforcement (CDC), the flu was not so severe in the United States. The number of illnesses continues to increase across the country, and the number of people in need of hospital treatment has increased, according to the CDC, 34 million Americans have become infected with influenza in 2014-15, and recent cases have died or have died. By then, 56,000 had died, including 148 children.Daniel B. Jernagin, the CDC's flu director says this year's numbers will be similar. This time, the H3N2 virus is the cause of the disease, also known as the Hong Kong flu, which appeared in 1968 and is one of the most dangerous strains of the virus, causing the most fatalities.Related articles about influenza:
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