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Wanting Trimesterol, Pregnant Women Are Disgusting

What are you curious about and what you can eat with certainty while having baby? We now give you an unambiguous answer!

Pregnant women want trimester-like mealsHow is it possible for a previously hypocritical lady to get bored of all animal foods during her pregnancy, or vice versa, for a vegetarian mother to eat steak for years after her? "There are hormonal reasons for this," he says Dr. Janet Pope an associate professor of dietetics at Louisiana Tech University. "Just as women wish for and during their menstrual cycle, they want something similar during pregnancy, so during pregnancy, there are some ideas that your body needs to be smart and know exactly what it is. . For example, if we want milk, we need calcium, and if we say orange, we need vitamin C. "Just as interestingly, fruits, milk, and dairy products (as well as chocolate and sassy nasik) are the most desirable foods underneath appetite," says Dr. Pope. it changes what foods are on your price list. For example, a baby being very keen on sweet foods (hello, chocolate!). It is known that this may be due to the need for increased calorie intake. Dr. Valerie Duffy According to research conducted by an associate professor, pregnant mothers: - In the second and third trimesters were more likely to have sour foods than in the first trimester or pre-pregnancy. "The acidity of the aftertaste really encourages women to have more variety," says Dr. Duffy. "This explains the appearance of the typical sour and sour cucumber after pregnancy. Because fruits are generally both sour and sweet, this is why they are so keen on the baby."

They often taste for salty flavors (eg chips and sour cucumbers). As the baby's blood volume increases, more sodium may be needed

- They often taste salty (like chips and sour cucumbers). As the baby's blood volume increases, more sodium may be needed. - During the first trimester, the bitter taste is more intensely stored. According to researchers, this is an evolutionary defense for a baby, as many poisonous plants and fruits are bitter. "This sensation change also" saves "women from eating foods / beverages harmful to the fetus, such as alcohol," says Dr. Duffy. Interestingly, the bitter control control tube in the third trimester, when critical stages of fetal development have already occurred.


Unfortunately, the sweetness of sweet and salty snacks can also lead to excessive weight gain, which may cause unwanted dangers. In addition to eating chocolate ice cream and lollipops all day long, the plus weight gains increase the risk of developing gestational diabetes and high blood pressure. vйgйre. "And calories should be based on healthy foods. Of course, some foods can fit in, but as a general rule, a pregnant mother should try to make sweets, for example, sweets." Dr. Joanne Stone.Name Some Healthy Alternatives to Curiosity:
  • Instead of ice cream, use sorbet (sorbet) or low-fat frozen yogurt.
  • If you are looking for donuts or breads, you should rather choose whole rolls or rolls with a little jam.
  • Instead of classic packaged chips, pretzels, light uncooked microwaveable popcorn or french fries.
  • If you are consistently eating chocolate, try entering it with a few cubes or sipping a mug of cocoa slowly.
  • Instead of soft drinks, drink fresh water or 100% fruit juice diluted with water.
  • If you cook biscuits, cakes, biscuits, make low-fat banana or zucchini bread.
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