Answers to the questions

Fantastic color spaces for kids

Why should everything be gray or dark? A school painted in color or a crochet playground can start your fantasy better!

Crochet, knit play

This playground is believed to be in the Japanese Open-Air Museum. Fantastic colors, unique shapes and surprising material make this playground absolutely unique. Textile exercise: How many enthusiastic moms should be able to complete such a miracle in two weeks?

Happy school

Inexorably close to September 1st, school starts. For many, it is life first. Perhaps this fact would not be as stomach-churning as it would be for a small student to come into such an environment as this French institution!

Red color

Fortunately, for a couple of years now, there have been people at home who are "heartbroken" and disagree with gray domination. The "Color Blind" initiative in many parts of Budapest is supposed to bring Niemi to life every day, very concisely. We aim to bring the concept of Vasarely Sznes Vřros to life.

Colorful vents on the Moscow Tire

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In Millenbar Park you can find this cozy mural, which brings Picidia's distinctive image to life. Owls, Cocks, Musketeers, and March to the World!