Do we need this pain?

Why do you have a baby? Because every other physiological process requires more intensive sensation. But what do we suffer if you don't have to? A legitimate request, as there is also the possibility of analgesia. Others profess that there is a need for this pain.

What do we suffer if you don't have to? A legitimate request, since no one doubts that birth is painful. Obviously not by accident - it is made by those who do not try pain relief. Our magazine with expert advice, dr. With Judith Boros we tried to unbutton the window.
- What's the problem with giving birth? Why aren't you as good as sex?
- Because there is more intense sensation than any other physiological process. It is an incredible amount of stretching and tension in the tummy, the hash. For example, when a pregnant woman feels a strong waistline during a travail, the broad lumbar spine that leads from the inner lumbar region to the sacrum, the pelvic wall. In addition, during the collapse, some tissues have poorer blood flow, lack of oxygen, which also causes pain.- Yes, the whiffs, if they really get started, will put everything else first and foremost in our baby service. When you have a headache, the world ceases to exist. This is the purpose of the foxes. I remember vividly the astonishment this sensation caused me in my headaches. God, it's not up to me now to tell me what to do, I have no choice but to let go. That's why it's a scary thing for many, isn't it?

Birthing pain

- The intense pain relieves every other event. But that is not its purpose, but rather its benefit. Losing control can be scary - there are some who envy women with this altered state of consciousness, like the famous Canadian psychologist, Feldmбr Andrбs He also stated that a man must use drugs in order to attain a state of mind similar to that of a woman during childbirth, which is completely spontaneous.- The little mother turns to natural because of the natural methods of birth. He must be talking about them for pain relief. I'm right?- That's not true. We talk a lot about birth in the next nine months, including the stages of pain relief, and try to help give birth in its own right. First of all, there are those who like to be alone, rather than leave them alone. Others prefer to be present, or to the presence of a sympathetic person. In either case, it is important that you feel, enjoy maximum attention.More often, even if the buttered woman does not have to lie down, you can move to please. Then, surprisingly, the warm compress on the sacrum or lower abdomen helped a lot. Absorbing a hot tub of water - it's just so relaxed that it's beyond the reach of tolerability. Then there are smooth muscle relaxant drugs that relieve pain in joining. Some effective painkillers are also useful, but due to its adverse effect on newborn fever, it is not advisable to give your child too much pain. with epidural analgesia (EDA), second and third.Related articles in Parenting Pain:
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