Do you need a baby? The breastfeeding advisor answers

Do you need a baby? The breastfeeding advisor answers

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What can you do if your baby is growing well after the initial hardships and has little milk? Are you back, or will you get more and more tired?

Do you need a baby?

It took me two weeks for my baby to regain his or her birth weight, but so I feel we're getting into breastfeeding. He had almost gotten a kilo in a month, and he had been covering the night for a while. Now three months and two weeks ago, I feel more and more like I have run out of milk since I had to buy frozen milk stocks. After restless breastfeeding, they also bring much less. We are out of a long-term febrile illness and acne, then you have barely had a diarrhea, and you have lost weight.
Edina, email
Dear Edina!
This great growth shows that capable of producing sufficient milk to your little son. However, during breastfeeding, there may be many times when milk is reduced, but this is not, of course, an irreversible process.
For example, you may find that your little one's illness at a time when you, too, sensed that he was impotent, ate less than usual - is just as normal as losing weight. As a result, breastfeeding first begins, and then milk production begins to diminish, as this signifies: Too much, let's get it back. Then, when you are better, the little one, you will love more. But you find that you have far less milk than you are used to. It can also be impatient if the milk starts harder and takes longer, and this results in anxious and anxious behavior.
I'm telling you, do not remove frozen kits or diets at this timebecause it's just a temporary hardship! Put your baby on your breast much more often, toss both of them with your breast. During the period of breastfeeding, you are stretched by carrying brides and gauze. The problem with using frozen milk is to obstruct your milk production because your baby will not live well when breastfeeding, and it will not lead to deeper and more frequent breastfeeding, first and foremost!
If you do not give up in such a situation, it is not a hunger, because it is not always that you have no milk at all. And babies have so much content (among others, baby dolls, baby balls) that they can take such transitional periods of time.
It is also important that try to keep your peace. One of them is the behavior and mood of such a small baby reflecting your condition. In addition, high levels of stress hormones inhibit milk production and, in the long term, lead to a decrease in milk production.
If your baby is growing better again, and it is only his or her anxiety that makes you think of hunger, then it should be taken into account that at about three months of age, most babies begin their restless lives. It does not depend on nutritional deficiency, but on development. If you are unsure, ask for personalized advice on breastfeeding before applying.


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