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If the kid is bad

What can be done if the child is "bad"? Let's look at the "walls" a little bit.

If the kid is bad

It means critical moments when you feel, your child is "bad" and often tense. If we are grossly demolished or even slapped with a slap in the face, only expressing our power will not solve the problem.

The key is szllnne

The key to the situation is a positive in parents' thinking lies. Take the hand of your young child and explain to them clearly why you should not eat more sweets as an example. Let us be clear, clear, and determined. The most common reason for your state of injustice is that we do not pay attention to the child. Because we are talking to other adults in the room when we are hopelessly looking to show you how to ride the new rocking horse. But as we continue to talk, the little one starts crying, feels irritated, and doesn't let the other kid play. Then we'll get angry, yell, even though one with a little thought, we could have prevented the conflict.To reassure irritable, grumpy, distressed children, we often get the advice to leave them alone in a hysterical manner. However, experts say it was not recommended to leave the child alone. Let's stay abreast of it and try to keep it calm, and of course we won't be saddened. Don't forget to praise them. Never mind again: It is important to speak calmly, without the slightest sign of nervousness and tension, what you should be careful about and what you should avoid. You will understand and try to please us. A classic mistake is that often the victims of our impatience are small children. For example, the little one outshines the meal, just a bad move. We spend it on a bad kid. In this case mismanage the situation. The attitude is bad: it can happen to anyone. Let's try to be patient and empathetic.

Where we went wrong

If we feel that the child is "maligned" many times, let us also think about where we have broken it. We may not have paid attention to it. Perhaps we were less aware of the rules that affect our daily lives at home, in the school, or perhaps on the playground, on the streets, at shopping. The child may have just been the victim of our bad upbringing, neglect. What we think is a bad, bad behavior may never have been discussed with our child. There are situations when we need to explain why he misbehaved and what the consequences might be for him or her.


Each comment is situation-specific, which is why it is difficult to give specific advice. One of our most important tasks is to teach us everything that is about security in our desired behavior. When you go shopping or go to the playground, be aware of where to behave, what to watch for. In the first place, you can think of rules that you should follow, say in your room, in the kitchen, in your kitchen, and so on. Often, the little child psychologist is unjustifiably returned. Most of all, we need to become psychological, just find the right key gyermekьnkhцz.
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