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What can you decide today for a baby boy?

What can a woman born in Hungary expect today? We have collected the most important.

What can you decide today for a baby boy?

A significant proportion of pregnant women are not aware of what they are entitled to at birth and after childbirth. What can you count on when you bring a child to life? Where and with whom can a mother be born? When can you get your baby? Who can be with her in the nursery?
Let's take a look at some of the most important questions a parent can ask.

Where and with whom can the mother be born?

According to the international recommendation, the mother can decide where she wants to bring her child. In Hungary, this is all the fractions are fulfilled in fractions.In Hungary, you can choose between the two parent shapes: or we go to town or home let's bring our baby to life with the help of a baby.
However, the birthplace in our country is primarily the birth department of the hospital. But what rights do we have here?

Kurdoch birth

According to the OEP, health care rights (such as birth) are different, and health insurance rights may be exercised by the patient.
"within this framework, you have the right, in accordance with the work schedule of the Health Care Institution, to choose another medical practitioner if the Insured Person's health status justifies and and the recommended therapy, so you can ask for a specialist opinion.Also, women have the right to Get information in a meaningful way about the state of health. Based on this, the physician is fully obliged to inform about the patient, possible events, treatment modalities, decision-making rights, compensation and possible reimbursement thereof.

Extremely natal birth

In Hungary, it is also possible to choose a non-institutional parent. The non-institutional legislative framework was developed in 2010 and has been in force since 2011. The effective regulation strictly stipulates who can stand outside the institution and who is present in the parent. These kцrьlmйnyek today hazбnkban very kevйs nх szбmбra biztosнtottak.A szьlх nх 36 hйtig dцnthet ъgy that otthonszьlйst vбlasztja.Hivatalos bбbapraxisok vйgzik this szolgбltatбst that the nyъjtjбk ellбtбst this tevйkenysйgre йs vonatkozу mыkцdйsi engedйllyel йrvйnyes felelхssйgbiztosнtбssal rendelkezх egйszsйgьgyi szolgбltatуkйnt .
There are currently 4 such baby praxis in operation. The care not funded by TB unfortunately.What are the conditions for home birth?
- Pregnancy without birth - Pregnant woman at birth 18 years - Pregnant woman at first pregnancy - Pregnant woman before birth 40 lying - the estimated weight of the fetus based on ultrasound examination is within the physiological boundary. The service renders 2 experts to each birth and provides a neonatologic mediation. hбttйrkуrhбz the role that women and children in need of care can deliver within twenty minutes. It does not allow for offspring if the mother has had a previous cesarean section, she or the fetus is ill or has a multiple or multiple pregnancies. to be born at home.

Who can be present at birth? What is the relationship with family?

According to WHO recommended to be respected what the mother wants to know about herself when she is a child. It is essential for the parent to decide who will be with her during labor and delivery. The Health Law also ensures that during the period of labor and childbirth, the age of choice chosen by the woman shall be continuously present, for example, the presence of the South shall not be limited, if not desired. In more contextualized places, the mother is not placed in a difficult position by choosing between her couple and her daughter.It is important to emphasize that women have the right to be present at all times, so it is unlawful if the butter is you need to complete the initial phase alone, and only then can you access it. . Even with cesarean section, the practice is varied: there are cases where it is self-explanatory that you can go into the surgery for the mare, which means a lot to the mother during surgery. The practice where a you will receive the baby immediately after removal they can be together with the mother, and without interruption, and where the father and / or dlah can stay with the mother and baby in the guard. In many cases, it is the age of the visitor that determines who the older woman may meet. In some institutions, minors under 10 or up to 14 years of age are not allowed to visit. The 2015 report of the HCLU emphasizes that age is only a condition for being under the age of restraint. So it is up to the parents to decide whether to bring their children to visit.

How can a mother be born?

The WHO recommends that women you can choose your posture and move freely during the rebellion and the beloved "weird" position kárros.Unfortunately, it is still common for a mother to be physically restricted, due to continuous monitoring of infections. It is also common for her to be offered a lying position at the time of deportation, or to be put to bed or put on a leg cushion.The Health Law guarantees the right visszautasнtson any examination, intervention, and full information is also open to anyone who needs health care. This means that the mother can naturally decide on her posture. The WHO's recommendation on normal birth does not recommend either limiting your back or limiting your posture. However, institutions where for women who do not want to be born in a lying position, and in many cases, neither in the profession nor in women, can they do anything else. it is up to you and your approach to support optimum practice. In addition, the high intйzmйnyeken kьlцnbsйg is also belьl szьlйs йs szьlйs kцzцtt, нgy maybe next szьlхszobбkban egymбs egйszen by mбs szemlйlet lead kнsйrnek or йpp szьlйst.Amennyiben the szьlх nхnek is vбlasztott szьlйsznхje, physician cйlszerы tehбt you have already tisztбzni elхre during vбrandуssбg to what procedure you will use to get the baby out, and what interventions you want to avoid and what you think about the birth.

How Much Can a Mother with a Baby?

WHO-UNICEF's suggestion is that the baby be together 24 hours a day йdesanyjukkal. The law guarantees the right to contact and co-locate: a child has the right to have one of his or her parents at all times. it should be important, as this contact is a key question for your little development. Separation of the mother, however, is in no way acceptable by reference to the mother resting. it's also a practice to see when a baby gets a baby. Fortunately, the trend is improving. In a particularly difficult situation, there are mothers who are on guard after cesarean section, even though smooth skin contact and golden age occur after each birth.

Domestic practice of cesarean section

According to various international studies, the ratio of really needed cesarean sections is below 20 percent. WHO It was found in 10-15 percentages the proportion of necessary cesarean sections. But what about us? What is the domestic practice? The latest OECD countries report 2013: this year we are 36 percent If we look at the figures for 2013-15, we can see some surprising differences between the institutions: 62 in the case of institutions, more than 40% in the range In 27 institutions the number of cuttings is between 30-40%. The data suggests that, unfortunately, in this area, the domestic institutional practice is different from the recommendations.