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To draw, to draw, to cut, to leave?

To draw, to draw, to cut, to leave?

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As evidenced by the tradition of circumcision, humanity is occupied with inquiries about what is the right way for boys to "maintain".

Pull, pull, cut, leave?

When a baby is born, the parents, in the very first bathing, exclaim in despair: "Wow, now how do I wash my puppy?" For older children and adults, the foreskin can be backed up. But the foreskin of the Newborn no, or only partially payable, an acorn-foreskin formed in the fetal life due to adhesion. This is a physiological phenomenon, therefore today, doctors do not recommend that parents swaddle the skin. Early backwash results in bruises that cause less trouble and can even lead to some form of nutrition.

But what is nutrition?

Medical name fimуzisrуl you are sad when the elephant cannot be brought back. Currency nutrition is quite rare.- Infants and toddlers have back pain and it is certainly malicious to do so - we'll find out dr. Tibor Verebйly Chief of Surgery, Head of the Department of Surgery, Pediatric Clinic No. 1. - The skin becomes cracked, and the cracks develop scar tissue, which is difficult to resolve, in many cases only with surgery. It is our practice to not touch the foreskin until the age of three, as we find that most cases are resolved by the slightest congestion and even natural adhesion. For the most part, it is worth backing up the foreskin, because in the first place, trained athletes cannot get cold and cause inflammation.

It develops like that

Small erectile dysfunction occurs during infancy the skin extends naturally, and slowly peel off the mackerel. The skin is becoming more and more retractable. According to some researches, it can take up to puberty, that is, until the beginning of sexual life, before the full amount can be paid back. even girls a similar phenomenon may occur, the adhesion of the small lips, which may lead to slight urinary tract infections and urinary tract infections. This phenomenon, which depends on sexual impertinence, is also largely self-reflective in young children.

Seek medical attention!

In any case, intervention is required if urinary incontinence is obstructed by congestion. During normal peeing, urine is expelled from a match radius from a matchstick. If you find that your baby has a shimmer radius, or your foreskin is reddened with stinging clouds, ask for your baby's opinion!

Tight or just sticking?

Formerly, childhood nutrition was the only solution to kцrьlmetйlйst javasoltбk. Today is another time, and research has not confirmed the need for this drastic surgical procedure. However, the point of view of physicians today is still inconsistent with the age at which they begin to be repatriated and disagree on when to intervene properly.- szakйrtхje, dr. Bloody Gbor gyermekgyуgyбsz. - Everyday practice only 90% to 95% of cases showed adhesion, there is no need for surgery. It is very rare for a newborn to have such a severe weight loss condition when the lymph node does not appear and makes it difficult to pee. If this occurs, it should be promptly treated, as urine that is unable to evacuate will swell and cause kidney function and kidney failure.

Szlli's experience: I should have hit him!

Orsiйk is 5 months old Marci nappies found that the skin swollen when peeing, can not pass urine in full radius, because of the narrowing of the urine.- Diagnosis: A nutrition of genetic origin, which is definitely something to do. We had very little time to make the decision to keep her blood from getting infected. Out of the options we have, we have chosen the full circumstance. It took forty minutes. He apologized to her for the first peeing and was still very sensitive for a week, says Orsi. Although parents are, after all, guilty that they have not sought the opinion of another doctor, they have probably done the right thing in the given situation when they decided to have surgery. the consequences of violent backlash also experienced: - The deputy doctor suddenly rubbed the skin on Simon's petticoat during a pre-vaccination examination and kept it for as long as he was certain he would become puffy. I'd love to hit her by the hand, I'm sorry I didn't have her furniture! She was really upset this time, so I was reluctant to take her to a doctor because I was afraid of the consequences. In the meantime, we moved to Germany and the doctor here said that this was completely normal. There is nothing to do with it, between one and two years of age, and this adhesion will cease. In Germany, it is expected to be between six and up to eight to nine years old. Only if the child has regular infections of the urine should he or she be completely eliminated. He specifically called our attention not to bark or dirty the skin. It's been three months. As if the situation was really better and he didn't have any infections on our son. Orsi, who is in a similar situation, suggests to expand their depth more thoroughlybefore deciding to intervene.

Sometimes the ointment also helped

Parafimуzisnak call it the condition when a small foreskin is pressed into the glans after swelling and swells. This requires medical attention. It's not worth trying out a cow too soon! At the age of three, it is usually a good idea to carry the bleeding and injury back to the skin. Emphasize - adds dr. Bloody Garbo - That Caress is as Important as Ointment itself! If you are more serious about sticking, ointment ointment because it makes it easier for both the child and the doctor to speed up probe intervention. If the ointment is unsuccessful, we will resort to a probing solution. First, apply an anesthetic cream to the foreskin and wait 15-30 minutes for the product to work. Unidentified ointments that cause complete numbness after 5 to 10 minutes have also recently been marketed. Then carefully use the hand or, if the adhesion is stronger, decalcify the foreskin with a button probe. After the adhesion is removed, half of the cases sensitive for one or two days the foreskin may need to be lubricated with non-sensitized ointment. If we are out on these two harder days, we need to apply a petroleum jelly ointment for another two weeks to avoid sticking to the acorn. Do not put the acacia leaf between the acorn and the foreskin, because it will only get stuck and painful when it is removed. It is just as unnecessary to have a potassium permanganate bath as it can cause small blemishes on the delicate skin.It is very important that the back of the foreskin let's not forget about repatriationbecause externally, the glans is depressed and swelling occurs. The easiest thing to do is to have the baby bring it back to himself during the evenings. Failure to do so may cause the foreskin to adhere to the base of the glans. Fortunately, this partial adhesion usually dissolves easily.

What should a parent do when bathing his baby?

THE no dirt gets under the foreskin adhering to the glansso it is not expedient to wash with a washcloth or to linger under the skin. The easiest thing to do is to rinse your little boy's pee with clean water during your regular daily bath! Let's keep the caution for the next few years!


The removal of the prostate gland is a circumcision that is performed in the event of a malnutrition that is a cause of complaints or otherwise. In some countries and religions, interventions typically occur during New Year's Eve. For example, in the United States, infants are killed by a third in the postnatal days. It is a strange habit that parents have to make a statement before giving birth to the hospital if they do not want it. the foreskin played an important role in protecting the penis And in normal sexual function. Just like the eyelid of the eye, so the foreskin protects the penis. This is the primary line of defense for the male genitalia. It keeps you soft, warm, wet and clean, and also provides immune protection. Activists, including doctors, have started enlightened work around the world to neglect the harmful effects of medically unjustified malformation. Intactivists * fight the routine mutilation of infants, and more and more parents join their movement, including Jewish families. (* intact meaning: unharmed) Related articles:
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