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Pocaka accident

Pregnant women may fall and toss their tummy. Changes in center of gravity, more intense turning, weight gain, and lower vision due to enlarged abdomen may all be the reasons for this.

It is very important to use a safety belt when pregnant

It is very important to use a safety belt while in the car, the three-point belt is the safest solution. However, for most mothers, the use of a safety belt is uncomfortable, pushing the tummy tuck, which is not at all harmless. That's why you're pregnant when you're pregnant цvterelхt obtains: with the help of the bottom of the belt under the abdomen, ie the pelvic floor can lead to the thighsnot only is it more comfortable traveling in the car, but it also results in abnormal pressure on the fetus in the event of a jerk, a flutter, or sudden termination. If any accident, death, no cramps, and still feel the baby moving, no big deal, since the mother's body and the amniotic fluid are a safe cover for the little one. However, if you are uneasy, talk to your doctor about the rain, who can confirm by ultrasound, CTG examination, whether the fetus is well-tolerated.