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That's what happiness is all about?

All nine months could be a peaceful, joyful wait, and sometimes it doesn't turn out that way. There are so many factors that influence what you want, what you keep, what you feel safe when you have your baby ready! Now, let's break it all down.

Planning or accidental?

Although public transportation is preferred by planned children and should be kept, greater peace of mind and security over the baby mother who is prepared for baby-luck is not so black-and-white. The acceptance of love children and unexpected gifts can also be beneficial, as it is sometimes surprises that help parents make difficult decisions.
What can you do?
Think through to the end, and talk to the people closest to you about what it means for us to change, or just accidentally, in our lives. Is it important that everything is accountable? What happens to us if the events do not live up to our expectations? Can we adapt flexibly?

What is happiness about?

Doctor and hospital selection

Certainly not an easy request! Some people are attracted by simplicity and naturalness, so they avoid the clinics in a big way, with a lot of problem mothers, a lot of interventions, and a very high rate of cesarean delivery. But he also thinks that he wants to go to a place where the most urgent dangers are ready for immediate relief, because he thinks pregnancy is a very risky business. She is best suited to being a careful, precise doctor who has to meet at least once a month in private or in the hospital, while other mothers prefer to have fewer examinations, and only if she needs to. However, when there is really a problem, it is important to be able to call the doctor and reassure the inquiries that arise.
What can you do?
It is up to everyone to decide what will help her more, and what will lessen the power she has over baby breast. It is also important for the baby not to have anxiety as the most basic condition of pregnancy. You need a good doctor, but just as important is conscious mindfulness, self-confidence building. You can't just blame yourself for the rest! Bad decisions can and should be made at any time. The possibility of a doctor and a hospital is open until the beginning of the trouble.
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Previous births and pregnancies

The beneficial effect of beautiful memories is clear. They are lenient, and our needs make us even more articulate. Tragedies, difficult births, premature births, miscarriages mean so many losses, and it is very difficult to overcome them, even if you have a closed record and you have good results.
What can you do?
It is natural that you are looking for the reasons, the responsibilities, because it is clear that you do not want to go out the same way again. Vigyбzat! Finding the right answers is often very difficult! In most cases, there is no definite answer to WHAT YOU WOULD HAVE…? kйrdйsre. It's sure to be a huge help if you can talk about your bad situation again and again with others and listen to their opinions. The more information you get about a given request, the easier it will be to make a good decision and then accept it with acknowledgment. Another benefit of a well-informed decision is that you will not simply look for the bug again if you do not sell it as you planned.

Family Benefits

The maternal mother, grandmother's birth status, the outcome of the births, and the family chats that flow from this, legends have a strong influence on the baby that is born (the prospective mother). Terrible hurt, terrible suffering? I was able to give birth to my breakthrough friendship too, and your grandmother gave birth to such an Iranian baby without any problems? Such statements are best suited to shine the merits of telling the story, and the little mammals tend to be more dismissive, because they have to expect if you want to be as good as you are!
What can you do?
It is very important that family birth stories are brought to light and talked about. The Jews have been lamenting the knowledge that has been passed down from generation to generation, and it would be a good idea to abandon it. But at least it is important to be aware that you are not the same person as your mother. Just as the success of breastfeeding is not influenced by whether the grandmother was able to breastfeed or not, so is the case with parenting. You have to find your way!

Can you count on it?

Baby blood is a common happiness, and the baby is not in the body of the child's father, so in the case of a baby, they are baby-friendly, that is, they are tuned in to this special, wonderful state. It is very difficult for anyone who is single, without the father, to bring forth and raise a common child. True, not only can one be abandoned by his couple. Unfortunately, once the connection has broken down, it does not mean that it has a definite support.
What can you do?
Pregnancy, parenting, and parenting are the things that absolutely need the space, the support, the family, some kind of community. If your family can't be counted on, look for a friend, relative, family member who sincerely helps you with your intentions.

Difficulties with conception

It can take years for a baby to become pregnant and for a number of medical procedures, drug treatments, stress and surgery to prevent pregnancy. The situation is similar when the normal onset pregnancy is interrupted by a severe event. It is not surprising, then, that in such a case it is difficult to do so with a light heart, in the power of nature, as the cap seems to be much larger than usual. In addition, doctors do not make the situation any easier: preterm cesarean section is suggested, suggesting that the pregnancy should be "extremely valuable" for the baby. It is not difficult to discover the backdrop of the situation: the adventurous person can feel that he / she can add some sweets to the baby's health, birth, and anxiety.
What can you do?
Unfortunately, not much, as the situation is very complex indeed. However, if possible, it is advisable to consciously look for sources of resources, shutdowns, distractions. All the good that builds your confidence, even the smallest of successes, should be very crazy! It helps if you always set small and medium goals, not irish expectations. You are not alone, so if you do not work, it is worthwhile to keep in touch with your shoes in similar shoes on the Internet.Important book for thorough business Ina May Gaskin: Guide to Birth cнmы's book.
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