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After weight loss after birth

What a strange sensation as the baby disappears in the tummy! Our bodies also lose a few liters of fluid, and we feel much lighter right away. But where is our competitive edge?

After weight loss after birth

If we haven't believed too much in the past few months, it can still stop us from getting inside. Squeezes a bit, but that three-pound shit is dropped soon. Of course, not everyone is so lucky. Most of us find it difficult to get on a long march, at least in terms of diet.

How do we get there?

Our parents (they really want good, but not sure they are good), encourage that by the time the baby is one year old, the couple will fall off by themselves. You go out of your way if you are dieting, say, you have so much to do, you need energy. I like it anyway, comfort our couple, and if you love it, we have no reason to dare.
The beechwood is simply that we do not like the image that comes from the mirror. And you don't even have to make friends with him! The baby has just made a difference in our lives. Every minute we schedule, we have to learn that he is the first and only think afterwards. It is not good for our soul if we also have to accept our new body image from the beginning.

Fuchsia smartly

Even if breastfeeding is not a wild diet, you can start eating more consciously by March. If you want to lose weight, you just have to make sure that the amount of energy you intake from your diets does not exceed the amount of energy used in your daily physical activity.
Because our organization is afraid that once there will be no need to replenish empty kits. Therefore, store the excess in the form of fat. However, if we were to eat the food, the tongue of the balance would tilt to the opposite side, and our body would get energy by breaking down its fatty tissue.
Well, if we know, there are no sinful nutrients, we need everything, we can eat anything, we just have to pay attention to the ratios. If we can change just one thought of this success, we can be sure that the blessed losing will begin. And if exercise and daily exercise, whether in front of or out of the screen, exercise, strolling with the baby, life-style exercise, you will lose weight slowly.
Of course, we can't go to the market with a calorie chart all the time, it would be nervous to count all day. There is no need to do this if we know which foods are less energy efficient. That is, we can fill our stomach so that it does not remain in storage. These are herbs, fruits, lean meats and dairy products, whole grain cereals, vegetable fats, especially olive oil.

Let's lose weight!

With so much raw material, you can make many miracles. We can say that, miraculously, at least in terms of cuisine, there is no time now. We can accept this accountant, but let's be crazy! Let's change the family order in such a way that we can find some delicious snacks for us without having to fry it. Why not eat baby with the first greens? If we cook soup, cook the steaks, dip them in before making them!
And, in general, are we sure our life couple wouldn't like to go to English together with us? How long does it take to crush the raw ingredients for a tasty salad that we put on with a glass of spicy kefir on the neck? We can eat natural chicken breast, poultry, a thin slice of lean cheese, a hard egg.
Let's face it: The obsession is caused by the fact that the amount of energy we take in our diet is significantly and consistently higher than the amount of energy we use in our daily physical activity. Unfortunately, the difference is stored in the form of fat. The ideal body weight can be determined by subtracting hundreds from the height in centimeters. The difference in the values ​​thus obtained is regarded as a regular one, as it may be justified by its peculiarities. Weight gain can also be caused by physiological situations such as pregnancy or breastfeeding, or herbalism.


The body mass index (BMI) currently used by practitioners is used to determine the measure of obesity. In this case, the value in kilograms of body weight is divided by the value in meters of height. The values ​​thus obtained provide the following information:
BMI kg / m2Meghatбrozбs
BMI less than 19sovбnysбg
27-29,9slight fading
30-39,9medium obsession
40 abovedementia

The value of mild obsession should be a warning sign that you have to deal with the condition. It is important to know that obesity not just an aesthetic problem. Blood cholesterol, triglyceride levels, blood pressure and blood sugar levels, among others, have been shown to increase.
Although we know a lot about human metabolic processes in general, unique traits are at least as significant. That's why today the dietitian is asking for a nutrition diary to know what are the basics to build on; when and what you eat, how much, how much of its nutrient content, what you like to eat and what not, which are the habits your environment has beguiled - you do not have to fight or forbid them, but make healthy compromises. It is also worth taking action against ourselves. Changing the culture of the diet is not a process that takes place within two to three weeks and does not lead to lasting results if we are to commit violence.
Our habits have evolved so far in our life. Let us be patient, persistent, and leave time for transformation. The importance of obsession far outweighs the topic of nutrition. Man is suffering from physical, psychological, and mental problems. The fullness of man seems to be the result of a change in the body, in our relation to diets.
Of course, we have a diet plan that meets our expectations during breastfeeding - but this is only a help.
Often, pregnant women do not diet because they would have to cook and buy it for themselves, and this does not work with patience and time. You may not like one or the other of the recommended raw materials. But the makeover must be a spacecraft! If you take the recommended weight loss diets as a starting point and "personalize" them, you can make yourself lose weight with a lot of unnecessary exercise. Please read the following sample order accordingly!

Diet plan for weight loss

Breakfast: 2 dl 1.5% milk, one egg, 5 dkg Tenkes cheese, a little green pepper, 5 dkg brown bread
Teas: 2 dl milk fruit smoothie without sugar
Lunch: a glass of freshly squeezed orange, green chicken breast fillet in aluminum foil, steamed cauliflower (kefirrel), kiwi
Snack: a glass of curdled milk
Dinner: lettuce salad with feta cheese, two slices of "Hamlet" puffed rice bread, apple meats (apple and shell cooked)
Breakfast: herbal tea, 5 dkg chicken breast, 5 dkg lean curd, chives, 5 dkg bran bread
Tizzo: 15 dkg of fresh May cherry
Breakfast: fresh spring green soup with mushrooms filled with mushrooms, apple
Snack: a well-grown kale raw
Dinner: cold fried chicken leg, sauerkraut, a slice of bread, strawberry tea
Breakfast: 5 dkg turkey breast, tomato radish, 5 dkg rye bread, no milk sugar
Teas: 1 cup of yogurt
Lunch: asparagus cream soup (skimmed with milk, steamed with starch), a slice of lemon steamed tuna, steamed seasoning
Snack: mixed fruit salad
Dinner: a baby egg, kefir, tomato radish, a buttery bun, lemonade
Breakfast: 5 dkg spicy sandwich bar, two slices of toast
Cheeses: 15 kg fresh strawberries
Breakfast: mushroom soup, meatballs with turkey meat, a medium potato, sour cream, orange
Supper: 15 dkg of fresh this year's scarlet raw
Dinner: 5 dkg lard, green pepper stuffed with a sheepmeat, 5 dg whole wheat flour, light water
Breakfast: eperturmix, 5 dg butter buttered kernel bread
Tunisian: a kefir with a tablespoon of muesli
Dinner: Mixed Green Soup, Low-fat Fried Eggs, Fresh Spinach Cookers
Snack: a glass of home-made fruit yoghurt
Dinner: canned mackerel, lemon, two slices of multi-seeded bread, black tea
Breakfast: 5 dkg of medium breaded cucumber, 5 dkg of light brown bread
Tornos: 2-3 dl loz, two slices Abonett biscuits
Breakfast: broccoli soup, steak with stewed cabbage, apple
Snack: fruit rice (skimmed milk, seasonal fruits)
Dinner: 2 dl of sour cream (nothing else!) Followed by sour cherry tea
Breakfast: 5 dkg uvian cheese, onion, 5 dkg Bavarian rye bread, 2 dl skim milk
Tunisian: a glass of yogurt with a tablespoon of oilseeds (linseed, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, hazelnuts, cherries, almonds, etc.)
Lunch: tomato soup with rice, turkey meat with steamed vegetables, grapefruit
Lunch: Grated apple flavored with lemon juice and ground cinnamon
Dinner: two hot sandwiches (slices of ham and mozzarella cheese), onion, green tea with jasmine

Unnecessary water contents

Strawberry and blueberry juice or sour cherry tea have a purifying and diuretic effect. Especially in the spring, it is advisable to go out into the garden and sprinkle tea from the new shoots before the first spraying. The same good diuretics are the fruits made from real fruits, which we can consume up to a liter (they do not contain black tea at all).
Consuming diuretic tea reveals that not only is losing weight but also a significant amount of water retained, which is an unnecessary burden on our circulation. We can get rid of it on a light day, especially if we also address the kitchen's poor diet. Too much kitchen consumption results in water retention.
Compiled by: László Bakonyi Dietitian, Reiki Master, Mental Health Practitioner
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