Let's Protect Your Skin!

As your baby explores the world, your skin is constantly exposed to a variety of environmental influences. However, the fine layer is very sensitive, and careful care is very important.

Let's get the nappy going!

Outside diapering is a challenge for baby's skin, as the baby bunny is light red, and it can have exertional exertions. Also, of course, the softness and elasticity of the waistband is not negligible. Look for a diaper that keeps your baby's skin dry for a long time; The inner layer helps to quickly drain the hygiene set. We always choose a diaper that fits the baby, and this is where the perfect protection lies. Today, there are solutions that have a breathable layer that always leaves the skin exposed to fresh air, thus reducing the risk of redness and bruising. If the small package adapts to the shape, it will follow the baby's movement, and probably nothing will seep out of it. This is most commonly seen on the baby's buttocks, on the vertebrae, or on the genitals. Your skin may become blotchy, moist, or itchy. Purulent bacteria can cause inflammation that can spread to the entire body.While changing diapers, use less diaper cream and buttocks containing artificial additives, or we can stay with our grandmothers' method of clean, lukewarm water. If not necessary, do not use creams at all, and prevent them at all. For bathing, we also choose additive-free formulations that contain mainly organic ingredients, and avoid creams that contain alcohol, perfume.
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