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Bunyouzni also need to know

Before we talk about our child, let us know what kind of emotions are in the background. The "back off", "do not leave yourself" encouragement is always wrong, but rather trust in the fighting style you choose.

If the situation gets rough, intervene

The smaller one tries several times a day to kill his staff. It can take years for competition to stop between them and find the area where they are better. In the meantime, let us be rude, but only stop the crime when it is really rude.For example, if they go to a child more than that, the inferiority may suffer. Divert your attention more vigorously, of course, only if you have similar age-strong "enemies". The scandal, the hustle, the push-up, the long jump, the race are all great opportunities to look at their strengths. You can drive your anger and anger by yelling, cushioning, and throwing yourself to the ground, but the other person should not be the target of the action. After a long period of living (for example, retirement, social games), we engage in some kind of live activity before we shake off our energized energy.Let's get into the fight sometimes: it is my greatest pleasure to tickle or mop a pap or mommy. It is also possible to clarify the rules in this case: there is no underwear, no other tool is used outside our body, hair dressing is forbidden, and you can let go if you want.These can also be useful:
- Dühцngх "ifjъsбg"
- So educate the brothers!
- Are you too lively?