How often should I wash?

Bra, panty, hoodie, pants - how often do you wash them? And you know how regular it should be?

The hoodie, lingerie or socks are put into the linen after a day's wear - these clothes are not at all concerned about the washing frequency. But what is less straightforward? For example, for women, bra washing can be a cardinal request, perhaps one of the most shared garments. After all, it is only rarely dirty, and when there is no summer and no canine, we are not particularly sweaty, so we do not feel comfortable wearing it inside.If you want to take care of our bra and still not get infected, we can wear a bra 3-4 times without washing, according to experts. After so much wear, however, it is always advisable to wash them. If you want to keep your bra for a longer period of time, you may want to clean it with lukewarm water, by hand, or if you use a machine wash, then use a washcloth. However, this garment is not leather-coated and has no fluffiness!
If you are in your baby age, wearing a breastfeeding bra, what about the situation. The bra can be breast milk up to several times a day, plus the little one can afford it, so you may need a daily washing routine.

Replacing the turntable

Many people may be tempted to ask why to wash a piece that (at best) comes in contact with our pure body in the first place does not dare to take this replacement seriously. You may be surprised by many, but it is recommended that you replace the tourists most often every three days. However, if you use only one pad for hand washing and daily washing, you will need virtually daily one.
If there is an external switcher, it will usually be "changed" on a daily basis. Family usage (father, mother, children) is much higher than in households of 1-2 people, so it is not necessary to change every 3 days. If you have a pad or a radiator on the pad, you can - although not much - increase the frequency of the wash, as the soon-to-dry material will not multiply as bacterially. Washing should be at least 40-60 degrees and it is best to dry the family turkey during the day.

Back in the bedroom

How often do you wash your linen? If you choose to breathe on a weekly basis, you are good to do. Although it is also a substance in which a person lies cleanly, everyone sweats at night, not to mention the one million dead cells that the dust mites feed on.


There are almost no jeans that are not required by children. Ideally, if you haven't gotten it dirty, you probably don't have to wash the jeans after every barrel. If the child's pants are visibly dirty, soak the jeans in lukewarm water for 20 minutes. Then wash it inside out in the washing machine. The use of drywall is not recommended here either.
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