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Confession: I'm balancing between my kid and my son

It is our unshakable union, the couple I can count on. But half a year ago, our 4th child was born, a little girl who was turning around in the family idyll, constantly testing the balance of our relationship.

Confession: I'm balancing between my kid and my son

In the narrow foreground of an apartment in Austria, I cuddle with my six-day-old baby boy to keep me awake. They went all day, everyone was tired, and their father would take them to the mountain tomorrow. We spend a week here, they are active in sports and I am with Bogi. Х our fourth child, after three sons, is a little girl who has been under half a year we argue more with my foremanlike the boys over a fire ive. And tonight we were arguing with Bamboo again, because he doesn't want me sleeping so much at night to breastfeed. He thinks I will give it a go. Most of all, this causes conflicts between us.

I should be routine

The boys didn't have such a problem, and they slept through the night for a few months. Bogi is just like them. We are growing, and I carry it a lot in the sun, because it hardly sleeps, and it doesn't take much for my baby. I may have really messed it up, but I don't want to let it go. It wouldn't be a problem as long as I was a czar, my problem. It's just hard to accept the situation, so with the fourth child. After three children we have been raised without any problems or friction so far. And when everyone is freaking out, but at least they look at me with rounded eyes because they don't know how to be insecure? With the fourth child? Of course, I should be brought up by the other three! I think I changed too, I am much more sensitive than my little boy, I just do not like to listen to the rabbit. I'm not able to leave you in bed when it comes down to it. It is also more disturbing for the boys to hear, and for some to be born. Even at night I'll jump right awaynot to wake the others up. I know it's not just that my baby has the soul to start a balanced personality development path. This roullam also gives birth, since this is my last chance to have a baby, to enjoy these moments. Like the news. Of course, we have a lot more frightening moments: when he smiles at me, when he reaches out, he sneezes in my neck. It would be great to spend this time trying to educate myself following strict principles, and my heart will be interrupted.

Our strict principles are not coming in yet

My son came to the consistent principles to a little we let them talk, so, within minutes, they quieted down and fell asleep. During the day, I was indulged in the baby for hours, while I could do my homework calmly. My middle-aged son almost missed the day, just waking up to eat. Always we were consistent to have the kids sleep outside in the room, and since they are three months old, they were given yoghurt formula, their father could feed them at any time. We agreed on these principles, we never had a discussion. But I don't want Bogi sleeping with us right now, even though I've been putting on a mattress in my room and if I need to, I'm sleeping there next night, but my son doesn't want to hear about it. Initially, I tried to bring it back when Bogi swaddled and went to sleep. For a while he tried to rock, stroke, and gave up. He says I got it wrong by breastfeeding late. Perhaps we are too shy for what we owe so close. And maybe it bothers me that for the time being, I'm the only Bogi who can calm her down. I'm sad because I don't really find sound with my baby in the day. He lies next to him, talks to him, but these are only a few minutes. And he deals with it almost only when the little jude is. The moment you start to spit, you're bothering to go. I will not stop arguing with her not to give up so easily, though she could put her in the stroller and take her to the Danube when she is worried. For a great family, a devoted father. Consistent and rigorous, but his kids are there for him. Maybe that's why. Go to parent meetings and be able to get up to the boys if they are sick. Х He's taking them to school, kindergarten. It would be nice to buy fat and rock your baby a bit if it were to relieve you from time to time. But for Bogi, the situation is different for the time being. Х dear to Бdбm. Really other than the boy.He constantly indicates his needs, but in the midst of incredible perseverance, patient. The boys didn't want to milk the mother's milk, and she dropped it to the last drop. I know that if I wasn't given her at night, if she was getting more and more nutrition, my milk would gradually run out. Why do I deprive myself and myself of this natural harmony of natural harmony?

I balance my creature and my son

I want my son to understand if he doesn't constantly refer to the fact that I have spoiled the child when he calls for bridle and bridle. Let's just say, it doesn't help that the nurse and the pediatrician also think that He should sleep at night. I always get that when I do, I told her. Not interested in what they are smarting about, but it is uncertain. In any case, it did not help to resolve the conflict between us. I am not afraid that our relationship will get in the way of these conflicts, though I am often very tired, and I lose sight of something that should not be. Of course, I can also do that they made their clothes and breakfast every morning. I also have the problem of being pressured on a Sunday to cross the stove across the stove to have my three-course lunch in front of my family. I love you, because my baby is at work with me. Of course, I'm not tired of helping me, I know I made it this way. I'm just sorry my son can't look at our last baby the way he does. That family consonance does not change one thing a little in the solid persuasion. I am sorry to say that you stubbornly want to have the life of your soul for the time being, even though I know your heart doesn't want it at all.