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It would be like we were born like animals

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if people were born like giraffes? No? And what about seagulls? Abba not? Well, illustrator Paul Westover does, yes, on his drawings, what if ...

Animals have no help

Attention! You also need some humor to see the pictures! Childbirth is very painful for women, but it has nothing to do with what animals go through. The toad, for example, carries its eggs stuck to its back, which eventually hatch from its own skin. When the tadpoles are ready to hatch, they simply break out of their mother's body. It's just like a horror movie. And what about the shark in the gallery? Carrying a baby in our stomach for 9 months is not easy. Imagine this for 3 and a half years. If you look at the pictures below, You're going to be happy that you are born human!



Extraordinary creatures, hippopotamus amongst hymnals, are born, which is very rare. Not to mention that up to 2,000 individuals can be given life at a given moment.

TV characters (yes, they are also a separate animal species)

TV actors

Heroes in the fetus are always at risk during pregnancy. The tension is full. Then, after all, they give birth to a perfectly healthy, beautiful baby, whose skin, of course, has beautiful, smooth skin and looks at least 6 months old.



Giraffes are pregnant for 15 days. And then press their wine from about 2 meters high.

Galleria shoe

Galleria shoe

Pregnancy time for galloped sharks is much longer than most animals. What would you say if you had to wait more than 3 years to see your baby? Whoever might be wouldn't be so small.



Toads carry their eggs on their backs. Melted on my own skin. When the tadpole feels like it is time, they simply go out of their mother's skin. Brrr.The original article can be found here.