There is not enough pediatrician, bad finances

The funding for home pediatric care needs to be changed so that fewer doctors can have more children, according to the president of the union.

Change financing according to pediatricians (photo: iStock)Poet Gyцrgy, chairman of the Home Pediatricians Association in a Wednesday press conference in Budapest, said that the basic problems have been unchanged since then, and no major measure has been taken to strengthen the profession. Increasingly, we should stop working as a pediatrician He added that he wanted the government to confirm that their work was important. According to Gyula Pуta, the organization feared that the government's priority family policy measures would include the strengthening of basic child welfare, but this has not stopped. care. However, under current funding, when replacing, the physician only receives a fraction of the practice to be replaced and cannot hire an assistant for excess work.
According to data from June, there are 106 home pediatric practices 7 posts are emptyAccording to Gyorgy Púta, rationalizing care could reduce the number of physicians needed to care for more patients, but this cannot be solved with the current overcapital funding. So-called group practices and the home pediatrician's use of other existing exams, and this work is reimbursed by the should write a 900 thousand forints per monthGyula Gyorgy Púta has stated that an average practice of one thousand children generates from 1.4 to 1.5 million HUF, besides it pays 30% for the costs of the doctor, and for the business, furthermore, you will have to pay for the overheads and the assistant's wages. This way, the doctor will not have more than 300-400 thousand HUF.
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