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They want to keep their position, they are afraid that they will not be able to return to their old places after the childhood, so they would prefer to be black. My mother told me.

Last Christmas, my son-in-law gave birth to being a busy job, and I should help with it, says Viktoria E., the mother of a 15-month-old baby girl. "I did not have much time to think, one day I had to decide on the other, and I was engaged. company, twice a week, with a rough look. "It works out at home, I don't always have to go in, but it's also really nice to be dressed up in a late-life company. I do not have to worry that after childbirth they will not go back to work, as I have come to know more. And it is no accident that they are paid well, of course, "says Victoria. "I think the little one has adapted well to my lack, and he has a much closer relationship with the rest of the family. Usually his dad oversees him, but it happens that one of his grandparents has him. with children, as barely a quarter of them were ever needed, although this was never necessary. " Andrea's one-year-old baby girl returned to the doctor's office when her colleague was on leave.
"I work as a medical assistant with a general practitioner who is also a dentist. They not only replace me in the office, but I also go out to companies when I need it. says the mother of a five-month-old and a two-and-a-half-year-old baby. Previously, she worked as an outsourcer in a factory, and when her job became insecure, she decided to have a baby on her boss's suggestion. "My bigger girl was one year old when I first replaced her. I never thought of giving up on my child, and I didn't even know it could be paused, but I still don't want it to work anyway. I don't plan to work again since I am breastfeeding my little daughter intensively, though I have heard that my colleague I used to replace wants to go to work, so it may be necessary to have a job, I know it is very difficult, normal that's why I need to think carefully about how I decide to get my boss back, "adds Andrea.

Of course, not all workers can claim to be pregnant with black mothers, but in such cases, it is always possible for the father to ask for support. "After a year and a half of my childbirth, I started working from home again, and I was looking for a good job to give up my salary," says Tünde K., the mother of a baby girl who works for an insurer. "We decided to officially claim benefits after my child. Of course, he continued to work; financially, "says the mother, who thinks she would never work for that baby again. "I was tired tiredly, I never got into the space we initially agreed to, and as a kid, I had a hard-working contract, but of course I had a lot more work to do. I was lucky enough to live in the same house with my parents, who helped me a lot, and when my brother wasn't home, they took care of the baby. "

Few people stop their care

Contrary to the beliefs of the parents, you do not have to give up the baby or the baby if you want to work from time to time, and relatively easy to do. "It is enough to make an announcement if you want to terminate the pregnancy or child care allowance for a few days' work," said Dr Kismama. Zsuzsanna Bogdán, Head of Department, National Health Insurance Fund. Tбjйkoztatбsбbуl also kiderьlt that szьneteltetйsrхl rated the folyуsнtу body had to make hatбrozatot, jъlius 15 tхl, however, the mother нrбsos bejelentйsйt the agency egyszerыen takes tudomбsul, then szьneteltetйs utбn megбllapнtott the korбbban цsszegben йs the korбbban meghatбrozott idхpontig tovбbb folyуsнtja the tgyбst or Gyed. "It is not uncommon for a baby to live with this opportunity, but we are also unaware of the fact that they are working in the black during the course of the care.
It is also a practical change to get a baby's mother's decision from 15 July on how long and how much they will receive. That is, not only is there a note on the mother's mouth, but she will know exactly how much she can count and start getting her care claim on time.

You can only play with gins

According to statistics, about half of young children are unable to return to work, and relatively many people now have the opportunity to earn new money and will be engaged in post-natal years. However, it is worthwhile to be clear about the conditions under which you can claim support or work when you are pregnant. "You can become a member of a maternity company or a corporation under the influence of a crib or child, but it cannot be personally involved in the operation of the company," explains dr. Frei Anita Living. "Only one other member or employee can act on behalf of the company, and the personal contract itself must be excluded from the company contract itself. , you can only earn income if you have an employee. With a good fluency, you can start working actively, and in a business environment, you can have some serious, but at least thirty times a week, and stay home from time to time. you can get a pregnant mother, but she has to pay a contribution, "says the specialist.