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How do I quench my fever?

How long can we practice home fever relief and when to see a doctor. The experts will answer.

The little bosom quickly rises to 39 degrees Celsius. You don't have to worry, but since fever indicates inflammation caused by a virus or bacillus, your doctor should decide what treatment is needed. If the lбz in spite of the child's general condition being good, accepting food and drink, live with a non-abusive, adequate salivary contact with a pediatrician to report to the child about the changing symptoms. go with him to the children's clinic that day.

Don't be bothered if the baby has a fever

In spite of the therapy and antipyretic treatment that you have arranged, you should not overwhelm your phone or call for night and night care.
Fever that develops as a result of virus and bacterial infections can last for up to three days. (Usually, the fever caused by the virus does not last longer than 3 days.) If the child is in good health, the higher fever is well tolerated by the body. Fever plays a very important role in the fight against infections. Unnecessarily, we provide lower levels of body temperature with a given antipyretic, but at such a high rate that they also help the reproduction. Flame retardation should be started in the end (however, it should be subtracted 0.5 degrees) or over 39 ° C, but if the baby is not 3 months old, then it should be 38 degrees. (The professional recommendation changed in 2011: according to this, there is no need to dampen the fever in children older than 3 months. Up to 39 ° C.) gцrcs. That is why a hospital examination of the first of these is necessary - advises dr. Polish Boglárka pediatrician.