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This picture tells everything about the first and last breastfeeding

This picture tells everything about the first and last breastfeeding

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Brazilian mother Maya Vorderstrasse shared two very strong and powerful photos of her first and last breastfeeding.

It is not easy to breastfeed, but it is not stopped. The Brazilian mother shared strong and emotionally very strong images of her baby's first and last breastfeeding. The two images are two years apart.The first and last breastfeeding In Maya's post, she shared the emotional rollercoaster that is so characteristic of parting. that she was about to end up with something, I will never breastfeed my baby. The fйrje egyйbkйnt tбmogatta in everything, long tartу szoptatбsban is.Az йdesanya arrуl also beszбmol how prуbбltбk megkцnnyнteni the elvбlasztуdбs nehйzsйgeit the kislбnya received бgyat New Account, the nхvйrйvel kцzцs szobбban, йs New Account jбtйkokkal prуbбljбk kevйsbй fбjdalmassб do this idхszakot "an era. closing it is always painful, but I hope the new chapter of our lives will also be special. " (Via)
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