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How old can a child lose weight if it is excessive?

How old can a child lose weight if it is excessive?

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In Hungary, every fifth child is deprived, especially the 6-8 year olds. However, it is questionable at what age the overweight or possibly conceived babies should be conceived.

How old can a child lose weight if it is excessive?Krisztina Somogyi, a nutritionist at Duna Medical Center will tell you what signs to look for and when to ask for a specialist opinion.

Cold or baby doll?

While a baby is receiving breast milk or formula for supplementation, there is no genetic reason for this if there is an excess of milk in the past - says Krisztina Somogyi, Duna Medical Center. Obesity can occur when breast milk and formula are replaced by the baby's food for adults. This is typically between the ages of one and two years, but after the second year of life, almost every child eats food from the family. longitudinal incline. This difference can be expressed in percentages, which is based on how much the difference is relative to the mean. It is worth to belongs to the vulnerable category. We speak of overweight in 90% of the values ​​and over 97% of the children are already categorized as obese.

Can sugar do anything?

Mobility is at least as harmful as excessive sugar consumption, but obsession can also be caused by many story-telling, numerical games and malnutrition. In many cases, malnutrition results from lack of time. Especially when there is no time to cook at home, the food you eat is the raw material, so fast food or ready meals are preferred. Adding sugary drinks, sweets and snacks to your diet adds to the problem. Sugars are not only about consuming more than we take off daily. Because they are quickly absorbed, the body responds quickly as well. After an insulin reaction, blood glucose drops rapidly - and even if it returns to just normal levels - this drop in the brain causes a sensation of malaise again.

The example is everything?

Parents make the biggest mistake of not showing a good example. If they themselves are healthy, they will incorporate the common cooking and switching routines, and can help prevent trouble. It is important that the parent, the family, reveals the reasons and habits that led to the overweight or obesity. At first glance, you should distract your child from overeating, and think about what foods and drinks are not good for your child's healthy development. What the child does not have at home, the child can not remove from the refrigerator or remove it from the shelf - this can be thought of as soon as you check in. According to Krisztina Somogyi, it is important to make time for the change. Let us not be compassionate, be patient. Let's change or implement one thing at a time. It is also worth bearing in mind that in children, disability itself is not as common as in adulthood, as it is derived from a developing organism. The main goal, as the child continues to grow, is to stop unhealthy weight gain.

Tips, Tricks, Practices from a Professional

- Let's set personalized goals! It can be a smaller size dress or a longer volume.
- Let's use applications! Children learn easily, and in the world of appliqué, they are happy and smart to adjust. They also easily use calorie counting programs.
- For a tailor-made sample diet, consult a dietitian. Through personal consultation, we can tell you what your child's favorite diets and habits are, and can be included in the New Schedule by a specialist.
- Finding a hobby for your child, a game that you enjoy playing and finding fun, can distract you from unnecessary snacking.
- We only need to sit down in front of the TV when we have finished the change. In this case, our brains do not remember how much we eat, so they will not be able to indicate in time that we are already awake.
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