More and more, the infertile man

More and more, the infertile man

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In Hungary, about 200,000 couples struggle with infertility problems each year, and the number of childless children has steadily increased in recent decades.

More and more, the infertile manThis is certainly due to the fact that women have children as they grow older, but the fertility status of the population is gradually deteriorating. Unfortunately, infertility is on the rise, and the problem at home is bigger than the average - call attention Great Melinda Embryologist, a specialist at the Buda Surgery Center. The probability of becoming pregnant is constantly decreasing in women from the age of 30 onwards. From a medical point of view, we can talk about infertility when, in spite of regular interventions in a relationship, a woman has failed for a long period of time. Many people think that infertility is mainly a problem for women, it is not so: infertile couples are more likely than men to have infertility.More Infertility is on the increase worldwide, and in Hungary the problem is even bigger than the average: according to the WHO, every couple in the world today has one in five, or one in six, or one in every.

Examinations help

"The fйrfi meddхsйgi kivizsgбlбsбt be the ondуminta vizsgбlatбval start that quickly йs egyszerыen kivitelezhetх the fйrfiъi nemzхkйpessйgrхl tцbbek kцzцtt sperm szбmбnak, sperm mozgбsбnak and normбlis йs kуros alakъ sperm arбnyбnak we can create kйpet the vizsgбlatбval." - says Nagy Melinda embriolуgus.Az According to the statistics of the past decades, men's national indicators are gradually deteriorating. If the sperm count is low, there is less ovulation than the natural condition, if there is a difference in movement or morphology, the likelihood of overexposure to the female genitalia and the sperm are smaller. "The talбlhatunk ondуvбladйk vizsgбlata sorбn tцbbfйle eltйrйst all cases tovбbbi vizsgбlatok vбlnak szьksйgessй. Funkcionбlis tests, vйrvйtel, vizsgбlatok hormones, testicular ultrasound vizsgбlat, immunolуgiai kivizsgбlбs genetic vizsgбlatok" - makes the hozzб.Hagyomбnyosan fйrfi nemzхkйpessйget the ejakulбtum mikroszkуpos vizsgбlatбval vйgezzьk that sorбn the number, movement, and shape of the hormone cells are examined. According to the expert, these parameters do not always answer for the causes of male infertility or the failure of couples involved in artificial fertilization. "So far we have not been able to explain the cause of this failure, but nowadays new methods are available to detect sperm DNA breakdown, which is not possible with the classical sperm test," he explains. what exams are needed. It is important to note that a minimum of three and a maximum of one day self-restraint is recommended prior to the semen examination. Shorter retention times and more than five days of retention may differ in the number and parameters of sperm.Related articles in Men's Medium:
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