The story is important

Numerous studies today confirm that narrative plays a decisive role in the child's emotional and emotional development. But what's the fantasy world of fairy tales for your child, and why is it important for us to talk 20-30 minutes of our day to a common story?

You work rush your childhood to the ovary, some kind of public program, then heading home, cooking dinner, bathing and a mulled Christmas party ... Yeah, the tale missed! But now you have no power to tell, you better turn on the bedtime story or load your kid's favorite DVD. However, if the kid's room, in the intimate, half-heartedness of the nursery, rather than rubbing a fairy tale himself, he would do much more than you would have thought before.


Storytelling is useful in many ways. On the one hand, it is a good time to spend a meaningful and relaxing time with your child, as the basis of the joyous collective is that no one is in a hurry and in a harmonious intimate atmosphere. On the other hand, the tale teaches the child to listen to the story. You have to follow the story process unwittingly, and this mechanism will have an effect on the subsequent translation of the tale as well. A wealthy jerk will help your personality develop. The better the child is able to express himself, the easier it will be to develop his own self. If you read a lot to your child, you can playfully add to your pooch. Choice, the use of adjectives, polishes the child's mind and enriches his or her ability to speak, which not only describes his / her appearance but also his / her own inner world.


One of the benefits of word-of-mouth storytelling is that the child has the opportunity to process what he or she has heard and to tell what has happened in the story. Listening to the story is based on his own imagination of how he conceives the story. It creates inner images and thus enhances creativity. This is important because it makes your thinking more flexible and able to solve problem situations faster. The imagination of a child listening to a fairytale works in a fantastic way: it creates, interprets, conveys the text, and not only in cartooning, in the midst of losing it, feldolgozбsa. This overwhelmingly triggered anxiety and aggression in children.

A child listening to a fairy tale uses his imagination to form inner images (Fotу: Europress)


It's best to tell your child head to head, because you can listen to your reactions in this way. You see, if he really likes a part, he might scare you or he didn't do something. Unleash your fantasy, the better you shoot a scene, the better! Try to influence as many senses as possible, and also call sounds, tastes, and smells with adjectives. The story of the tale can be based on a child's day, a vacation, or friends. Of course, when you are tired and you feel like your head is blank, it's okay to take a storybook and read it. With great currency, children who regularly listen to tales of toddlers and have the opportunity to become familiar with books will find it easier to learn to read at school. And remember Albert Einstein also said, "If you want your children to be intelligent, read them stories. If you want them to be more intelligent, read more stories to them."