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Soothing the belly baby

Soothing the belly baby

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There is a list of types that almost everyone thinks of, who has just seen a baby close by: well, this is stomach licking!

With its small bulging squares, squeezed hands, droopy head, throat tightness, it still barely breathes .- breast-feed fьggхleges position, not leaning on the baby.

Hasfaboo baby

- Ha between meals, he starts in a few minutes: he may have been very hungry, eaten too much, and swallowed a lot of air. Take it off your breast (or baby's breast), talk to it softly, reassuringly, succinctly masszнrozzuk the backyard, when we rent it. If the weight is not developing well, is even lost and falls a lot, you should also think about reflux disease. after eating line: It is possible that you do not skin the formula. Constipation babies have frequent constipation. It is possible that the breastfeeding baby is disturbed by the mother's milk and dairy products. Other food may also be available. Look at that, what kind of regularity can you experience in the heat! Even if you drink when you eat only cooked rice, you can be sure that your mother's diet was not the reason. with certainty only he could tell if he could. Typically, the baby can be mostly silenced by the above-mentioned calming methods.Other tips:
- Massage, even rocking, and grooming can help. In this case, your hands, feet, head can loosely lick the little one, be amazed at the unanimous pattern of the parquet, so it calms down.
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