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8 tips for happiness for 9 months

Is it possible to deny that even the happiest pregnancies do not go away without emotional distress or mood swings? Hardly… 8 Happiness Tips for 8 Women.

1. Let's get attention!

Once upon a time there was a dirt-durr mood in the middle, with an unmistakably convex tummy that an elderly lady (!) Was letting herself down in a row in the store. My first thought was to refuse and end my turn. I'm not sick! Then again, I decided I was living with the opportunity. I did well, but not because of the grunting rumble, but because my mischief went away as if it had never happened.
Then I felt it and I realized that the little attention should be paid too! From that point on, I was more reluctant to accept help, and even learned to write when someone made an appreciative comment on me.
Enrique of Sardin

Let's focus on the positives!

2. Collect the tummies!

On a cold November day, I had to go to the Hungarian Treasury barely three months pregnant. I stopped by to check to see if I really had the paperwork needed to do the healing. As I searched there for my bag, a young security guard came over. "Look, baby blood! You don't have to go through the metal gate!" I watched her eyes wide open: how do you know I'm pregnant, because I've gotten so far better than I did, and I'm wearing this huge overcoat ... The thing remains a mystery, especially when I think back to the surprise note day.
It happened that I went to the state exam with my son Benedict one week. We were sitting in the corridor, talking, excited. What did a (fiъ) groupmate ask me: Who's the right baby? I told you it was mine. The answer is, "Yeah, sorry, I didn't realize you were pregnant ..."
Well, it's good to be clear about that: besides our many good qualities, we are also truly transformed wheat! We could be proud of that!
Judit Szхdy

3. Baby signs inside

I felt most enchanted when I laid my hands on my belly in silence and tranquility and focused inward. I watched it, not even it, tried to open it completely, and wiped out every bit of my head. I made a place for him to stay and stay at home. My third son, Füllin, has been so successful in contacting me that by the twelfth week, I could feel the first response to my touch with a fine little bang. From then on, I always felt like it would fit in my palm when I was getting to my stomach. This profound tranquility and festive inner silence is also a white fool in my life.
My tip is to take advantage of these abundant moments and stop the time! Your baby will come to us with unforgettable moods!
I remember lying in the tiny room on the bed, the sunny day, the golden yellow on the wall, the warm embrace, the complete silence, and it was there, in my mind, in safety, in my beauty. This is peace and happiness itself!
W. Ungvбry Renбta

4. Ice cream tips and buying

What made you happy in your time of admission? Well, right from the start, even if I wasn't sick all day, and for some reason, I didn't pay attention to the embarrassment that often plagued me all day. Most of the time, I managed to catch my attention. And then?
Then I let it go! Yes, look for it consciously, pay attention to what's good!
What a joy it was when you came to know the wall again! And if I could get to bed in the evening. This time came in large quantities of duluth. I also often thought that living like a flower, I had reached the level of vegetative existence. When I didn't look at myself in the mirror, my hope for him could only be alleviated by a decent purchase. I bought a pair of jeans that was getting used to my bumpy tummy! But it was even better when I sewed beautiful clothes for myself! Towards the end, when it came to cannabis, it was almost a day not to eat some ice cream, chocolate, strawberries, fruit, bird milk, peanuts and cream. I always only needed one wall, and I ate one and finally the whole box ... The crux of my spiritual peace was the garden of each of my babies. I have not been able to give up these games until the last day. It happened that even on the day before I was born, I was still living there among my flowers, and I was crying.
Cross Lilla

5. Share your joy with the big one !!

I don't need to look too deep in my memory, as I'm expecting my baby to be a baby by June. This is a great joy for the whole family, including my eight-year-old Bence son. Bence's clothes were waiting in my cellar's basement to be worn by a baby again, and now that the time has come, she's done happy shopping.
I think it is very important that we "replenish" our public sentiment stores! Let us remember a little bit to connect us even better! For example, I remembered every rug, though I had a hard time figuring out that it was my grown-up son that time. Together we picked up the little clothes that she will wear from now on. Bence listened happily to the stories I remembered about my clothes, especially when the two kicks that my mother had kept out of the box. At that time, I missed them from my cousin, and Bence, and his cousin, Domi, also carried them.
It's so good that he is with me.
Gooseberry Kathy

6. We Are Two - Double Prices

I was overheard five times, and I always felt that I was more worthy of my own self because of the small life in me. Now I have a special job, something important to me - that made me feel more important. There was distinguished interest, kindness from acquaintances, relatives. Again, I was surprised how much strangers, even strangers, were to a baby.
It was not a small source of happiness for me: joy, dynamism, encouragement, goodwill.
Balabny Klabri

7. First Mother's Day

It is strange to me that I was pregnant at the time when it came to my co-workers' myth of the editorial day. On the famous day, the small bouquets were waiting for me in the mornings, and then a guitar broke out and the show started.
So in hindsight, I should have felt much more liberated! After all, nothing happens in there! It's a holiday!
By the way, although my tummy was huge, I was completely unsure. Then somehow I didn't feel the celebration would work for me. But as the poems and songs came one after another, I was very touched by the wonder of motherhood. And I just realized that there were so many smiling eyes on me. Boys, boys, moms and kids all think about me, they are with me. I was embarrassed, in a profound sense. Then I certainly didn't save it, I'll do it now, twenty-three years later.
Dawn Йva

8. Pbros ultrasound

Eat every baby-baby you want, let yourself be pampered, have a tiny mob inside, or just enjoy the fun of exercising, if you can think of it as being just as small.
I recommend you go ultrasound together!
It may be everyday, but my mother had barely asked for it eight years ago. Until the twentieth week, I barely dared to come forward with the idea that maybe she was going to have this baby together. No, but there was no reason to say no to an ultrasound. Face-to-face, hands-to-feet, pounding word: everything there is helpless on the screen. And just a little plus comes to light: your baby! I'll have a son! said the conservative man, and I also saw the light drop, I swear. Wonderful months followed, and then a real reunion. Then there were two, but at that time there was no question as to whether the priest had anything to look for in the birth room.
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