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Mr. No I had a kid with a perfect and I don't regret it

Mr. No I had a kid with a perfect and I don't regret it

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You may not say yes in the pink, or even make some compromises to have a baby at the right time.

What comes out of a relationship where the overwhelming (mother) is settled on the most biological lamb, but there is no sign of great love in history? What effect will this decision on the relationship have, and what will the child feel like? and even children, because my friends' announcements about babies at the time were burning down and making me jealous and desperate. , since he has been deceived after so many disappointments.
You have to know that she grew up in a truncated family, and my father left us when I was young. So I thought about everything back then. I loved David, but I was hoping for butterflies in my stomach every day, they didn't come, but I accepted more and more with my mistakes. Yeah well, we could count on each other, sex wasn't bad either. So tomorrow, our Sophie conceived. Even before we were born, we got together and have been together since then. I respect each other, and I know I will never leave you, because it fulfilled my great desire, "says Edit.
He says the big lovers are gone once, and they put the mutual ends up and decide on a family. "I never told my husband I didn't marry him, but he probably guessed it. We will raise our soul with honor, I know that mutual respect is the foundation of everything. That is why it does not work, Why do you think: In our environment, big love marriages are our turn, and they are secretly dealing with the second baby. We were able to share the happiness we had with having a child and a solid family foundation.

Mr No I chose a baby with a perfect fit (Photo: Europress)

Stable relationship, so come love?

The story is by no means unique, with few names and faces on the bar, if they have followed a similar path. However, on the Internet forums, there are more than one hundred conversations, topics on the subject, and contributors reject or even reject similar cases - love important - or their own marriage is evidently portrayed as having a baby over thirty, not exactly on Mr. Big's side.
Muhi Maria's family therapist says it varies from person to person who becomes stable pбrkapcsolat, wherever you dare to have a baby, the most basic stones are often repeated in love. "European age is about looking for the perfect partner for our child's father. But in other parts of the world, it is not evident that love has to be married. which, after years, are blatant. The relationship is more based on common values, responsibility and the same financial situation. that these marriages are no less lasting, and in any case, they have been an overwhelming, supportive family, while in the case of big and overwhelming lovers, we often find that they leave out the young people, "he says.

He's a trap for the Thirties

According to the psychologist today thirty-somethings however, they are in many times in difficult situations, for example, in the sense that they can control everything. They work hard because they are not educated on the need to compromise, but rather on their goals, to progress in life accordingly. "They are only confronted with having a seemingly light-hearted relationship, but not simply a good couple. a child follow-up or inducement program that cannot be changed, rationalized, or superseded. This is where compromise solutions come in, "says Muhi Maria.

If she thinks, nothing will go wrong with her

The outcome of the situation is twofold: if you are both fully aware of what your position is and what you are giving up, then there is a chance that it will work. According to the family therapist, it is no problem that two people are not at the same temperature, because this way, a relationship can be fulfilled and the child concerned can forge the parents.
However, experience has shown that women who are panicked because of their childhoods often do not admit to full justice, so they go into compromise by being reassured, capable of this compromise, boldogsбghozas well as revamping up his own and even the daddy's true, baby-free senses. In most cases, the mothers "bring" the child along with them, who - and this is to say - give birth to them boldoggб do it, even for a father who has no great love. The fate of such children is extremely difficult. "There are few principles in humanistic psychology, for example, that each human being is unique, one-off and unrepeatable. His purpose is to fulfill himself, his abilities, but if he is to fulfill his mother's goals, he cannot develop, explains the specialist.

The "baby boy" can get away!

"Of course, the story doesn't have to go wrong (just take the example of Edit and David above), if we can get a little out of our guides, we have to look at it. respect and the child's follow-up to the holtomiglan moonodiglan, let's not give up without parapherapy! - the psychologist's counsel comes.
And what if we are trying to make the right decision when faced with thirty problems just now? Let's listen to our inner voice and summarize our senses about a possible father: Do you have the qualities that you can't even imagine in a relationship? What is missing from it, can we survive any longer? If you had to imagine life with it for a few months, maybe a year, what sensations do we have in life? These queries are essential for our post-silent baby-quieting moments.
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