So, he sees Peppa pig

So, he sees Peppa pig

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Be it love or just hate, the indisputable fact is that children all over the world love Peppa pig and her family. American parents also report the cartoon's surprising consequence: their children's accent changes.

Although there are also dialects, pronunciations in the Hungarian language (eg Palucians, Tannicans or people from Szeged, pronounced differently), but due to the relatively small geographical area, it is not possible to speak really well. In contrast, English is very distinguishable for someone who has learned the language in the United States, Great Britain, or just in Australia.How does Peppa Pig affect kids? American parents have become intrigued by the fact that the popular Peppa pig cartoon character has begun to speak with a British accent. Janet Manley For example, a two-year-old mother realized that her baby boy of seven months was beginning to speak British-like, after seeing many Peppas on a long plane. According to another mother, her child not only pronounced but also took turns in the cartoon piggy bank. Nancy RhodesDirector of Foreign Language Studies at the Center for Applied Linguistics in Washington. "Between birth and puberty, kids can learn a variety of languages ​​and accents." they learn languages ​​easily - and parents can take advantage of this! According to experts, early language learning (even if there are only a few foreign expressions) has a great impact on thinking and creativity. (Via)Also worth reading:
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