8 simple games that also catch the excitement of moving kids

At least a half-hour.

I don't know if I was with him so much, but I did need a little nap for a while while the kids were toddlers and ovis. So that I could have my lunch, that I could make a phone call, or have a mug of tea. Then I put in these games, which didn't require much, but they were very loved, and they spent a little time alone.

Plastic cup + rubber band

Cocks are a favorite because the rubber is very nice to put on the glass.Variabi:
- If you add more colored glasses, the tires can be colored
- some sort of logic, you have to arrange the tires according to a string, for example 2 yellow, 2 red, two green.

8 simple games that also catch the excitement of moving kids


This can be peppercorn, dry seeds, or fruiting (pumpkin seeds, rice, dry peas, chestnuts, acorns). But they can be poured, spooned, munched.

Cardboard box + box

Kids have figured out a good thing about a cardboard box and how much they can use. The cardboard boxes were a great treasure for us, especially the bigger ones, because they could be car, house, bucket and decor too.

Colored Cubes, Colored Caps, Plastic Cutlery

I loved this girl so much! He had to color every color thing by color.


You can drive your own car or an auto, but you can also balance it by balancing on the line. For this, a masking tape is worthwhile as it can be lost without a trace.

Vials and caps

Slight plastic caps and bottles are enough to make you happy, and this game also develops fine motor skills. The caps should be screwed onto the appropriate bottle. The good thing is, if you have more than one cap and not all of them are paired. Excess caps can be loaded into larger bottles, flushed and shaken.


The grandparents knew something because the button box that was given to the kids was so fascinating to them that we had to collect a light button. It is good to just nudge and stack it, but if you want a dedicated task, you can show off shapes and forms to the child. You can create a flower garden, for example, a house.


Put them on a cardboard box or the edge of a plastic can. If we can pull out a thicker yarn in two narrow spaces, then the kid can shove the socks there. Then the socks can be shaken, buttoned, and you can aim into a basket.Sure, it's a bit of a shutdown, but if it takes too long, let's start to suspect ...Anikу Rбcz's blog can be posted HERE.Related articles in DIY:
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