Head up the tree

At least two to three times a day a child should run around in the open air - a request in which everyone, exceptionally the doctor, the psychologist, and even the grandmother, agree. But what if the head winds?

- No no no! my creature screamed as we walked first in the big wind and got his little hands in hell. Of course it worked. The wind wraps between his fingers, the inside of his coat, and catches the cap off his head. We took the walk short that day, but to no avail. Evening, his eyes began to sparkle strangely, he stared at the earliest, and even though he was not feverish, I saw that he was slipping slowly into illness. I knew immediately that the reason for this was brewing.

Headboy, ntha

Many children and adults are sensitive to windy weather. My head is shaken when I walk a lot in my mouth and my brother's eyes light up in the twisted port. Most of the children will have it - throat inflammation, tinnitus, fever, snotty noses.
With a small baby, the situation is relatively light, if the wind is big, but you have to go, you can preload the raincoat on the stroller, which is a relative protection against the chilling cold. But if the kid is bigger, he'll probably not want to cover the walkways with a thick sack, which cools off with the humid, cool air. Things get complicated when that particular kid is like me and doesn't wear the cap himself. Of course I know it wasn't the cap shortage, but the viruses, but it is as if the wind is bringing the larvae that hit the kids after every windy day. When I first heard about sisakvirбgbуl (Aconitum), a homeopathic remedy that has to be injected specifically when the wind dies on a person, I was surprised. It seemed a bit unbelievable that all the inconvenience the wind brings with it could be prevented with a berry, but I just gave in. Because I saw the kid was not good, and the bar had no other symptom, I knew that if I didn't do anything he would soon. But I survived. The illness was rescued that day. Then, when the weather is windy and a little overwhelming after walking, I get a helmet blush called homeopathic vitamin C, and it seems to stop my complaints the other day.
In the fall, it is not very worthwhile to put it down, because it is most commonly encountered - inflammation of the throat, tinnitus, sudden onset of fever, chills, this is the most common start and the sooner you give it.
Since then, we often find the wind, the summer, and the great-great-grandmother of the competition, which shows that the wind is immaterial, yet she is the strongest. Of course, when we chuckle, we add to our lessons - Mom is even stronger.