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She is a beautiful mother of beauty

Slowly over seven years ago, Rabba Tnmea was known as the second best-ranked country in the world for the choice of the Viceroy. All of this is so beautiful to remember today. At the center of her life is her family and her three children.


Rabba Tnmea (40) is a mother
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Fйrje: Tubs Jacob Joseph (40) was wearing
His children: Mark (16), Nina (8), Noel (3)
That is why beauty is still an important issue, and with its stunning appearance today, there is clear evidence that the interview site was interviewed in a fitness room, where Tnmea trains three times a week. - What has happened to you since the memorable choice of smiley charms?
- Where do I start? - Tnmea comes. - I did so much, graduated from St. Stephen's University, graduated from Gour's Great Marianna Sanitaniya. I have played in series of shows and in Ruttkaai Йva Sanzhaz. I have had live shows on our commercial channels. I'm going to an esoteric school now. I hope you help me find the answers to the big questions in life.
- How are you uncertain about the relationship?
- I'm not insecure because I know I'm on my way and I'm sure if I have the time, I will get my answers. But I think spiritual development is very important. My greatest task is to raise my three beautiful children. I'm very proud of them. I am trying to pass on to them all the love and care they have, such as the value of caring for one another, the family, as I have learned from my parents. I believe that they will do a lot for the people and the Earth one day.
- Tell us about your kids!
- Wow, my grandfather is sixteen years old and is in high school, this time he is just learning a language. When she was born, I was only twenty years old, almost a child. I tried to comply with my mother's calling, but I was completely unprepared. In the last nine months of my trial, I have managed to gain 33 kilos. Pregnancy is also unprepared, although it is hardly possible to prepare for a two-day stint. Born at 4,680 grams and 62 inches. Fortunately, I was living with my parents, so my mom could be with us at any moment, I don't even know how I would have gone without it. Our relationship with brands is very deep, I can count on it, and you know that it is the other way around. I couldn't move my little baby crush on me. That's why, say, a playhouse couldn't come out except when I stayed. The kindergarten and the first two classes of the school were not easy for him or me. Then he threw my hand at the age of thirteen and pulled me out of the car a little before I got to school. Of course, such a manifestation of adolescence is painful, even if I understood what you were up to. But she was back to me again, proud of her mother. When we go somewhere, we never forget to say "how nice you are!"Great cabbage
- How did Mark find out that his father was not raised by his father?
- I know she's sad. My son never wanted to be his dad, but my son always felt that he was not only counting on me, he was there next to everything.
- The middle man is a little girl, Nina.
- By the time she was born, I had grown up myself. I was expecting thirty-two years ago, much more consciously. I read a lot, prepared, and sold enthusiastically. She was born with a cup, which I secretly missed. Then I quickly realized that cesarean section was not a lick!
They also hold beautiful memories of the time when Nina was a baby and made me look like a male. Bathing in the big room, I sat next to him a little, talking to Ninb while breastfeeding. Today, my creature is eight years old and divided against Marks. He's a gentleman, easy to make friends with, a little bit of leadership. She's following me now, dressing, dressing, and rivaling me if she's your father. If my husband appreciates you, we are immediately told to love him.
- And the smallest?
- Noel likes to be the center of the company. She likes to go to high school, to play. So much so that I had to put her on the stage at Nina's dance exam, and she danced there. Needless to say, it was a huge success. Instinctively, he makes everyone instantly aware of him.
- Did you change a lot in sixteen years to become a mother of three?
- Lots of thirty years to be a mother again, wonderful sensation. I just lost everything, I became smarter, more routine.
- Quite a long time has passed since the birth of the children. Are you designed for this?
- It wasn't as well-planned, but now I can tell you that the timing was lucky. I could treat each of my children the way I wanted to. You feel like I could be with you at every important moment.
- How are the parties going one day?
- Today everyone has their own life, their schedule. The kids are taken to kindergarten, school, and my brother goes to work. When I stay at home, I can deal with housekeeping and buying. And then I have a little time for myself. Think, train, train. Then come to duluth, and I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone back home. In the evening, the enormous powerhouse fills the entire apartment. In the bathroom, all water, the little Indians, should welcome their father. I also see in my brother that he does not want to limit them. We often organize weekends when we are ourselves, and at most only call our mother living in the neighborhood. Even though the family is big, and we like to be with my three brother's family as well. But we need these intimate congregations. We go up the hill, we run, we run a dog, I have three inside. We are incredibly charged up on such a day, and in this case, it is also in our minds how good a baby would be.
That's how Rabba Tnmea went down
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