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Why do brothers and sisters move into a common room?

"People know each other living," says the proverb. Is this true for brothers and sisters?

Few elderly headshots might respond to the idea of ​​putting siblings in a shared room. In a smaller apartment, we have no choice. If you have more than one room, it may not be the best solution for your child to find himself / herself outside the crib, separated from his / her siblings. We've collected a few notes for sharing a good room with our bodies.

They're getting closer together

Spending time together brings brothers and sisters together. As they get older, their day in different communities goes by another system, and they get home in different ways. Living in a room gives them the opportunity to be together in the last minutes of waking up, in pre-sleep conversations, in small cheeks, to share what they care about. Living in a room, this experience is harder to secure for them.

They take care of each other

If two or three children live in a room, they can watch and care for their brothers and sisters in addition to fooling around. If the smallest wakes up because he has a bad mood, instead of his parents' bed, he may be giving him a sense of security to deal with his bigger body. If one child becomes ill at night and cannot give birth to us, only to his brothers and sisters, they can warn us. You can also benefit from the bigger natural care of the playground or the common buy, but remember that we are the parents and they are the children, our responsibility.

Why do brothers and sisters move into a common room?

Practical reasons

Let's be honest. Three children, usually three times as many discarded clothes. But if a messy triple stays in a room, it's a collectible stuff that we pack in, and we have to separate and store clean clothes in one place. If our older child grows one of their clothes, we simply pack one up each other with a little effort and expand the smaller one with minimal effort. It seems like a little thing, but it's important to make it easier for you to do your daily routine at home.

I'm studying

Toddlers learn through rewards. In the community, it is noticeable how much more adaptable and advanced a child is born in the home of larger brothers and sisters than their single-born counterparts.

The secret of good community

Many parents have college achievements that they would love to forget. In such a situation, you may have to live in a room with comrades who do not really understand what the concept of community means. If our children share their bedrooms, we will learn that both the private and the common areas are important. For example, they may have common bookshelves, but they do need some special guys that only do their stuff and respect others. In addition, they get a little bit of a compromise to develop and sometimes the painful abandonment. But these lessons will definitely benefit them later.