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The body weight of the girls is slightly higher if they are twin boys

When comparing the health data of twin twins, Swedish researchers found that the body of the twin twin was slightly larger.

Earlier research has shown that women with twin brothers have a slightly higher level of aggression, more frequent behavior violations and less frequent eating disorder.
The International Journalof Obesity cнmы for the study Elias Eriksson, a researcher at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, with his research team, looked at the database of Swedish twins born between 1886 and 1958. Between 1998 and 2003, researchers collected data from 17,500 women who had twin sisters, both boys and girls. Slightly less than half of the women in the study group had sons with their twin twin.

Gemini - baby boy and baby are born at the same time

During the survey, interviews were conducted over the phone, with women between 42 and 103 years of age responding to health questions about their body weight, height, and cholesterol levels.
The results showed a slightly larger body weight for women who had twin siblings, a difference of three quarters kilogram (54.87 kg for those with twin siblings, and 54.12 kg for those who had twin siblings). Cholesterol levels were also slightly higher in the former group, but the incidence of diabetes was not higher.
Fetal brain development is influenced by hormones that are affected by the uterus. Researchers believe that when a male is born with the same fetus, the male fetus is more likely to be affected by male sex hormones, androgens, but this is ineffective. Eriksson and his co-workers also want another explanation for the result: it is possible that, along with his twin brother, they are raising the effects that may cause these minor differences.
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