A saturn appeared from a Budapest city in Budapest

Two years in jail have been sent to the courts for acquiring a male freak and child pornography images. Whilst the appeal of health was appealing, the man again became suspicious.

In October 2016, Norbert Cs., 48, introduced himself to students under the age of 14. In addition, pornographic images of people under the age of 18 have been stored on the computer - see page 24 of the Budapest XIV. and XVI. The District Court continuously filed a petition for Pest Central District Court for Criminal Defamation and Child Pornography, where the man was sentenced to 2 years in prison and 2 years in prison. Repeated crime committed by the male in question However, this did not deter the man from committing further crimes. Last month and a couple of days ago at Bank Donut Park, he showed himself up in an school. The man was arrested and detained by the police on the spot.