Futurist spreads a post on "Dirty, messy stuff"

Two American blogger moms, Danielle Silverstein and Farrah Maliavsky, shared on Facebook the liberating confession that virtually blew up the internet.

Futurist spreads a post on the net about "scattered, messy stuff"There are some mothers who picked up 0-24, throwing jumbled fats on Pinterest, putting their kids up, cooking, cooking, and being pretty. However, the fact is that no one is perfect, the illusion of this flaw, though, makes many moms feel that they are unfit for this role because they are not good at managing their business. If you belong to the latter and consider yourself a "scattered mother", you know that you are not alone!Danielle Silverstein йs Farrah Maliavsky, the bloggers called "Where the Eff Is My Handbook" have posted an honest post on Facebook that is why a lot of moms could identify with. There were no more than 4,000 and the same number shared. The photo in the post has a sink full of unwashed dishes and the text below reads: "Ok, really honestly, I mean, really cool. where I should hold a responsible parent in the world. But seriously. Never before have I ever thought that Jesus, I think this is going to work for me. No, not once. " Silverstein adds that, of course, he considers himself a good mother, but he hasn't gathered any sense at all. However, he realized that it was "perfectly okay." "I am also not sure that picking and good motherhood are synonymous. I don't think that would really reflect anything." such, it's also a step up from there, because there's just a lot more important things to think about.The mother of two now explains what it is like to be a "scattered mother": I do the dishes when I get there. I'm the mother who pulls the baby's clothes out in the morning because there's nothing folded and folded in. I'm the mother who forgets to submit important documents and only gets when I'm bothered over the phone because of this. I'm the mom who sometimes misses a birthday party and meetings because she forgets to write in her diary. I'm the mom who misses her to respond to a baby, you will receive a message at the last minute whether your child is going to the birthday jury. I'm the mother who woke up all morning to expose the kids to the door early, because the whole family is constantly getting tired. I'm a mom who sometimes doesn't set a limit for the baby's death (ok, more often than not) just because she doesn't want to argue and needs some time to do a couple of things. I'm the mom who stumbles upon paper, books, and books in the dwelling that she should sort out, but somehow she never gets carried away. But I'm also the mother to whom your children are safe and happy. For those who have lots of laughter and love at home. I'm the mom who's the biggest fan and fan of her kids, and who's constantly working to show them what's going on, he accepts and loves them. Whoever organizes super events and events for them and who loves to be a mother. "Finally," I am a scatterbrained and messy mother, but damn, I am so fantastic. Dear Fat Mommy, I'm FANTASTIC !!!! "(via)Related articles in Maternity:
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