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Always be content in the doldrums

Make more than one meal for your baby at a time so you can always make something different for him, even when you don't have time to cook. Find twelve delicious baby food recipes that can be cooked in one go!

There should always be some content in the refrigerator

Let's start with a shopping list that you can print out!

Get these from the market:
A smaller steakhouse
70 deca fries
two medium size targets
such a medium sized pink rape
két whites
10 Deca Zucchini
40 deca broccoli
5 tomatoes (or tomato paste)
20 deca cauliflower
30 deca plums
30 deca ringlу
30 deca nectar
I have an apple
a head of garlic
a bulb
a bunch of parsley
a bunch of dill
a little head salad (we'll use four of these letters)
20 deca mirelit zцldborsу
20 deca mirelit zцldbab
one kilo of rice (this will require a total of two or two steamed rice)
a glass of extra virgin olive oil
10 deca hard, grated cheese
One piece of turkey topfill (one kilo from round, plenty for the family too)
One piece of chicken breast (35 deca round)

Get it ready!

1. Last night it's good to prepare: roast it first, sprinkle it with a little red pepper and a sprinkle of rosemary, then put it on fire, cover the turkey leg. Using a sharp knife, prick it in more places and dice the garlic cloves. Sprinkle with two decilitres of water and three tablespoons of olive oil, then cover the pan and bake it at 200 degrees Celsius.
2. In the meantime, fry the small and deep fried chicken breasts in a tablespoon of oil, finely pouring about a decaf of water and fry it under cover for 5 minutes.
3. Morning: cook the fries early.
4. Save a tablespoon of brown rice in water four times over three-quarters of an hour, in a small dish covered with a lid. Leave it covered for fifteen minutes.
5. Wash the roasting pan, cut it into about four or six pieces, scrape out the seeds, and roast it in a oven at 200 degrees Celsius.
6. Immerse the tomatoes in hot water and mash them with a tablespoon of olive oil after steaming and slicing. 7. Wash the fruits thoroughly, then slice them and sprinkle them lightly with a teaspoon of oil.
8. Scrape the cleaned zucchini (cut only the two ends, no need to chew on the tender fruit), then sprinkle it with a tablespoon of olive oil and a dash of water.
9. Clean, scrape and sprinkle with a tablespoon of olive oil until soft.
10. Still cooking the vegetables, cooking them: after you have carefully washed what you needed, added them then cut them into pieces, steam them on top in a steam cooker, or cook them on the other side. Put green beans, lettuce and cauliflower into each of the garlic cloves.
11. Wash the parsley and dill, washed with thick hair, outside in a bowl with a little water.
12. Slice the chicken breast into small cubes, and twenty turkeys around the turkey.
+1. Finally, arrange these many utensils outside in the pots on the kitchen table, prepare the botmixer, a plastic bowl that can be cooked, a few tablespoons for dispensing and the freezer. From each given amount of raw material, every round can be made into at least two to three batches.
What can you freeze?
The best for this purpose are the 180 milliliter vats of the Avent storage system. 10 pieces 2450 Ft. You can freeze them in breast milk bags or sterile plastic boxes or glasses. Empty looking glasses do not hurt if you are careful, because the glass may snap. You can serve small chicken breast or turkey breast snacks in a clean ice cube holder.
What about the remains?
From the raw materials left over after cooking, you can turn green rice into family-cooked meat and salad.

6-7 months old

Steaks with breast milk
Ingredients: three tablespoons of pre-baked roasts and two tablespoons of breast milk
Many babies are fond of sweets in the rooftops, so you can try the little ones with all sorts of variations. Breastfeeding ovens will be a good start, and if you eat it right away, you can add apples, potatoes and chicken meat. You can make it more than what you specify here. You can add fresh milk before or after you freeze breast milk. Nutrition babies can be mixed with the usual formula.
Cékla with apples
Ingredients: Served two tablespoons of cooked beef cubes, soaked in apple sauce, can be used for cooking zest, mother's milk or apple juice, two to three times a year.
Because of its fun taste, babies also like to eat the target. Take a lot of time to cook because it is difficult to grow. If you blend it with potatoes instead of apples, the result will be more lactated and sweeter. Before freezing a larger portion, try to find out if your baby likes it.
Chicken brown paper
Ingredients: Served in batches of four boiled carrots, peanuts roasted chicken, one tablespoon steamed rice, braised breast milk or rapeseed oil and a teaspoon of olive oil
Most nutritionists recommend that you also blend baby meat into the first solid foods. This is why it is important to provide adequate iron supply.
Potatoes with zucchini
Ingredients: Served in two tablespoons of zucchini and two tablespoons of potatoes, two tablespoons of zucchini casserole or mother's milk for cooking, a pinch of olive oil
The zucchini is easy to digest and tastes nice, so most babies eat it. We do not have to bear in mind the tender fruits. You can also add chicken meat to this meal as needed, in a quantity of peanuts or milk.

8-9 months old

Plum turkey
Ingredients: one tablespoon of roasted turkey meatballs, such as braised plums, two tablespoons of rice, a teaspoon of sauce, a teaspoon of olive oil
You can shake up the ingredients yourself, if the plums are lingering, you won't need extra fluids. Various fruits are very well suited to turkey meat. You can do the same with potatoes instead of rice. Pure sweet and sour baby is loved by most babies!
Chicken broccoli
Ingredients: one tablespoon of the roasted chicken pieces, three small boiled broccoli, two tablespoons of potatoes, one tablespoon of roasted chives, a teaspoon of olive oil
You can use two to three tablespoons of broccoli baking juice or the same amount of mother's milk to make the purée. Olive oil contains valuable unsaturated fatty acids, so it is worth mixing a little with each baby bean. Give each baby a piece of steamed broccoli so that they can get to know their nose and star.
Tomato cauliflower
Ingredients: three tablespoons three tablespoons cauliflower, three tablespoons steamed tomatoes, two tablespoons rice, half a tablespoon of cauliflower, three tablespoons of cauliflower oil
Tomatoes do not need to be pasteurized, you can safely blend the seeds into baby food, just to get rid of the shell. Since tomatoes can cause some allergies, you should first taste the baby carefully.
Salad with chicken meat
Ingredients: a portion of a small boiled potato, two boiled lettuce leaves, a few sprigs of boiled dill, half a clove of cooked garlic
Although most grown up, the bar is shivering in the presence of lettuce, and little babies generally love it. Use three to four tablespoons of the salad cooker for blending.

10-12 months old

The turkey green bean
Ingredients: two tablespoons of green beans, one tablespoon of boiled potatoes, half a clove of boiled garlic, two tablespoons of roasted turkey, two tablespoons of boiled parsley
Try to make sure your baby is happy if you haven't cooked the food quite smoothly. Give each conscience one hand at a time.
Tomato potatoes
Ingredients: one tablespoon of four tablespoons roasted tomatoes, one tablespoon of cooked potatoes, one tablespoon of roasted parsley, two tablespoons of boiled parsley, two tablespoons of turkey,
You can put meat into each baby's baby if you are willing to accept it. If not, you don't have to worry too much: as long as you want to breastfeed often, you don't want to suffer from anything.
Borsу with mixed greens
Ingredients: two tablespoons of pepper, two tablespoons of beetroot, two tablespoons of white chicken, two tablespoons of chicken, one tablespoon of potatoes, a tablespoon of stew or two
It's kind of pepper soup, just thicker, more lactated. You can also try the traditional pepper soup, and your baby may want to eat it too.
Fruity turkey with cheese
Ingredients: one serving of whole steamed nectarine, five slices of stewed apple, two tablespoons rice, two tablespoons roasted turkey, one tablespoon of gravy, a teaspoon of grated cheese
If the family has no allergic disease or your baby is receiving formula anyway, you can give the baby milk products. For a start, you'll have some grated cheese for this delicious picnic puree. Of course, you only taste the cheese after thawing and heating.
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