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What will make you sleep good?

It would be a denial, no one likes to be awakened many times in the night. Do I need to somehow get rid of the baby's frequent wakes or is there another solution? Case in point!

"I don't think I'm hungry!"

So my day-old baby is developing nicely, 6,350 grams. She sleeps next to me at night and wakes up five times a night to suckle. I don't think she's hungry because she sleeps again after a minute or two, I think she's thirsty. We live in a condominium, where the air control is slightly drier. I try to "fool" myself into giving the pacifier and giving it a surprise, but it is adamant.
I thought I'd give him some water at night at least once for a night. I don't want to quit breastfeeding, but I don't think you need to eat that night for so long. What do you think about this breastfeeding advice and the mother of a similar baby girl?
Kovбcsnй Vбgу Petra, e-mail

What makes your baby sleep well?

It is quite normal and common for babies to wake up at night, even several times, and to breastfeed. It's not worth it to "poke" with pacifiers or water bottles, not least because we cannot give these to a baby who is frustrated without awakening, so she should be given more weight. Even though breastfeeding is nocturnal at certain times, scientific research has proven that it is very useful!
It ensures that you get enough milk - one of the most effective milk-raising methods - and gently and efficiently comfort the baby during difficult times. More or less frequent nocturnal breastfeeding is usually small until the end of the tooth, but there are exceptions, of course. It is also conceivable that you are really thirsty because of the dry, warm air or the summer heat. It is possible for a baby who is so lucky to be hungry.
According to research, night-time breastfeeding is also an important factor in the optimal regulation of sugar and fat metabolism. Breast milk is quick to digest and may need a little refreshment. I do not have a more comfortable, better, and healthier solution to this problem than breastfeeding. If you run with the power, the energy, don't distract your little one!

"How Do I Learn to Sleep?"

My eight-month-old Soma son always wakes me up five or six times at night, sucking and then falling asleep. I want to teach you a restful sleep, and we need it too, and I'm asking for help. Beside us sleeping in the big one, we don't want to change that. At eight o'clock in the evening, she usually sleeps, then wakes up several times, and finally wakes up at six in the morning. Can I teach you how to have a good night's sleep? If so, how?
He's an active kid, he's been up and out for a month and a half, he has already licked and moves a lot. I've slept forty minutes three times a day in the sun (sleeping in my arms while breastfeeding).
Csilla, email
I'm afraid Soma is small enough to teach her the night's sleep, not to mention that it's hard to "teach" it: frequent awakening age-specificitythat can only be changed by rough shaping, shaving, and not always with these methods.
We have never suggested this! Scientific results have shown that leaving baby to litter produces exactly the same changes in the brain that researchers have found in depressed adults. Childbirth at school is ten times more likely to cause attention deficit disorder, poor school performance, and antisocial behavior, as reported in Wolke's 2002 article in pediatric pediatrics. Somehow, it is better to wait until it outgrows it, or there will be calmer days. Don't worry that Soma has less sleep to sleep on - she'll find her count.
Behavior is controlled by the Estonianstherefore, when it comes to breastfeeding, proximity to the body, we can safely assume that there is a real need for it, like many millions of people (including Ilonka). Children with very fast movement may also experience frequent night-time awakening. The parents sometimes feel very bothered by such a little baby, but in exchange, they are so loving that the man himself does not know how, but somehow he goes beyond sleep.

"Did I ruin something?"

My baby is nine months old. Very bad sleep! He doesn't sleep much during the day, but the problem is that he wakes up dozens of times at night too! She falls asleep during breastfeeding, and at night, if she wakes up, I still breastfeed; Is he like that or am I spoiling it by getting him out of bed? The encouragement would be great!
I'd love to read "success stories" about how other poor sleeping babies have become toddlers! Did you do something about it or did it just get better once? How old are you? What will improve the situation ?! Am I going to wake up still?
A fat mother from Pécs
Yes, you can be sure you'll have a restful night! Researchers in Austria investigated this request and came to the conclusion that around the age of two, the night awakening slowly begins to stop without even teaching the baby how to sleep. This is one of the stages of the nervous system's depression.
If, on the other hand, it is the case that the baby wakes up dozens of times every night, or every night, he or she should think about the reasons for this. Try to remember when it started or when things got rough. Do you really wake up to 10 times, or are you "just" aroused to be more than you could possibly put on the agenda? Does this happen every day? You never sleep more peacefully? If the catching was the explanation, there would be more relaxed days after changing the teeth.
If you are so anxious about introducing solid foods, you may be allergic to any of the ingredients. Many people, for example, adverts adulterate milk powder to nursing babies who are not in need of such a thing, just to have a good night's sleep, even though the carton reads that almost half of the powdered milk is paprika.
Sensitive to this, it can cause a much more restless night's sleep than normal, again something that has been proven by scientific research. Since statistics show that one in ten children is allergic to cow's milk, it's strange that this warning is not on the box! It is also worth considering that the baby probably does not need to wake up each time she wakes up. It is often enough to simply stroke it and get there. Most small children do not wake up at all, they only need a little reassuring touch.

"Let it snooze?"

My 10-month-old baby boy always wakes up many times overnight and sleeps in cicin. It's really hard for me to get up at night, especially if my son wakes up three times. Our doctor said he would never give up on this again because it was just a good program for him. Even my experienced two-child friends say that I only cuddle with myself and the child because he doesn't need to sleep at night and it would be better to have a good night's rest. But this can only be eliminated by leaving the Sarno.
I've been leaning for this one for a while, but won't my child's mental anguish? So far, Mom has always been breastfeeding when I wake up, and now one day I can't get another, why? Will I not be a bad mother if I take away from the child what is important to her in my own peace of mind? Or do you need to learn that you can't always have everything?
According to the protagonist, it should be educated at this age. It always comes to my mind that she won't breastfeed (I want to breastfeed at most until the age of two), so I can really bear it for a couple of months. But when you wake me up many times, I run out of patience and have a sense of remorse.
Бgnes, Nagykanizsa
Snooze is never recommended, because in our experience and information, it does not work for children. Likewise, leaving baby to shriek besides the above listed disadvantagesit also destroys the connections between nerve cells, And if infancy does not affect pre- and post-response areas, they remain underdeveloped. According to the scientific facts, there is an insignificant cynicism to suggest that a child wakes up and sucks at night and wants to suck because it is a good program for him.
What would the doctor say to an elderly, mentally impaired family member who pisses, staggers, provokes everyone's nerves several times a day, and slowly forgets to speak? That second childhood, and I guess you wouldn't choose to lock it in a separate room and let you do what you want and know it.
Your friend's wicked saying I didn't understand. Who made the kid ask him to eat? No one! For it is quite obvious that something is wrong, you need consolation, and this consolation in this case is suckling. Good for someone who can give this to their kids. The devil is right to be educated at this age as well. Well, by way of example, when I call you, I comfort you when you need it, even if it is for me and for me, sometimes. I suppose you weren't trying to teach your child to simply ignore them when their family members are charged.
It is possible that the guardian said a nurse, but was thinking of doing it. This means: learn how to fuck, but you can't count on me. At first reading, this may seem tough and anti-mother. I have to admit that sometimes I am exhausted by the many awakenings, naps, comforting, because like everybody else, I like to sleep. For a minute, I wouldn't say it's not terribly hairy, nor do I say I don't get irritated by it.
I told Ilonk, too, after the umpteenth night's breastfeeding, quite frankly, that it was long enough, Ilus, to sleep. After all, the time is short, as long as they are so small and served, as much as we need, and only us, the mother. I believe that we will come on a good night if we turn to our baby lovingly, and meet their needs as much as possible. They also easily fill themselves if the thread breaks slightly from the mother. This is also a natural part of life.

"There's cicin all night long!"

My baby is nine now. At first he was very stomachy, so we nursed him almost all night. Then, as the stomach ceased, she moved into a separate room and slept through the night. It went like this for two months. Then the night awakenings began again. First tooth, then for a little cold. The awakening was getting tight and she only slept when I was breastfeeding. Now we are there to wake up almost awake, sometimes half tired. Most of us are asleep, but we have cicin almost all night.
I tried to give her a dummy, but she didn't take it. I don't sleep on anything so much, and the unpleasant, anxious sensation of constantly pummeling my breast. In the morning, all my cartilage heads. How can we change that?
Anett, email
You are not too worried about having to endure a situation in which you feel permanently ill. Think about where you want to put your boundaries and try to stick to them. For example, if you are nervous about long cumming, you don't have to allow it. As long as your baby is breastfeeding, you can feel the heartbeat rhythm and be on your breast. When it comes to comfort breastfeeding, a natural pacifier should follow, allowing only as much as it doesn't make them uncomfortable. After hugging and caressing, you can comfort the little boy who he will certainly complain at first, but he understands the consistent behaviorand will accept it after a while.
Specialist: Schneiderné Eszter Diуszegi psychologist
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