Daddy didn't risk a Star Interview

Péter Kбlloy Molnбr creates every minute, but he still has a side we hardly know. A little girl, Pistike, arrived in 2010, and instead of having a baby, she gave her another boost.

Kбlloy Molnбr Péter, the wife of Lestбr Бgnes, István and Szofi

When you expect Sofi, you said that you are afraid to have a baby because Pistike is very mother and you want someone in the family to love you.
How did the little boy accept the cold?
He really wanted it kistesуt. Of course, you can still feel a bit of whimsy today, but they are good at communicating with each other, especially with Sofi. Because they are other genders, they are not rivaled in most areas. We make sure that if one has a birthday or another, the other gets something.
Are you raising them?
Of course, a little girl needs more than just her playthings, she wants more. Although Pistike is a very sophisticated child, wrestling is not the first, beszйlgetйs And knowledge is the most important. For the time being, Sophika will be spending her little happy child years, and she will be in September. I find it fortunate that they were both able to stay at home until the age of three. They had a real childhood with a playground and a sandbox, along with their mother.
How did the adults accept the game?
There I am just as old as the others. Rather, it appeared that many people came to relax, talk, read. With my wife, we invent all kinds of games for our children and, after a while, they play stones for us. But no parent even thinks they can leave us sometimes, they are afraid to be finally released.
What's your name? Do I have to teach the child not to take the sheet or to settle disputes between themselves?
It depends on the situation. In my opinion, excessive liberalism is a serious antithesis, and it does not bring it to life if we allow a bigger boy to beat it in our eyes. But there's no good way to give it back, my baby.
And what do we do if we are brought up in life or are honorable?
You ask… Of course, honesty first and foremost, but the sterile environment is not good either, because you can get big slaps when you fly out. We need to find a healthy balance, be lifelong, and be able to respond to nonsense.
Do kids give inspiration to your creations?
У, of course, plenty. For example, on my first album, "Custody," a half-year-old boy is in a crippled bed, and it's impossible to decide whether he is a prisoner or we are in his custody. Or Altatу from the Pest бlom album. And the Fairytale tells you how bloody some fairy tales are, inspired by the evening readings.
Is there a fairy tale you forbid?
There are so many, and thank God, none of them are online, a tйvйzйst we have also limited it to daily rates. Television is useful, but not when the parent instructs the parent to turn on the parent. Of course, you can only bind them with much more energy.
Your latest album is a song by cнmadу The kid is not. What does childhood mean to you? The clean?
Abszolъt. It also tells us what childhood integrity in adulthood has meant to us. The kid also asks for something he doesn't like. Хszinte.
He once told you that you admire the freedom that Gyor Cserhalmi declares that he does not deal with the consequences. Are you trying to raise your children consciously so that they will not be stifled?
The world is terribly complex, only the really big can afford to be "innocent" to be as honest as possible. We need to care for the child, we'll talk hesitantly to put the woman down, even if you're right, because they'll push her out. We need to set some limits so that it does not run head-to-wall.
You play in six pieces, and you'll be the main character in Rudolf Peter's new series, Kossuth Kale, S.Ц.R. book has just been awarded the Golden Book Prize, you will be featured at street music festivals. THE csalбdra do you have time?
If you find it important to spend maximum time with us, you can solve it, have less fun or relaxation, and I usually work at dawn. But it is in love and in the development of the little ones. Sure, I've been asleep too, but the kid's good at giving me power.
Did your kids get tired of your skills?
Obviously they don't like acting as much as a snooze, but I see a great rewarding ability. Bar Sophie is more hideous than her boyfriend. And I would really appreciate it if Pistike was the one who knew how to help mankind, and he had that kind of need. He conceives riddles, loves animals.
And what if they're ready to cook?
That's okay. But I'm sure I'll tell them that being middling - be it sports, nuclear physics, synth or music - is nothing. Suffering is a life. If one has the ability and intelligence to be among the best, one should help.
Do you take better care of yourself when you become a father? For example, are you eating healthier?
Rather, I realized that I was driving slower, safer, and kept to the speed limit. I wasn't that dude until then, but I liked speed. But you didn't risk that much.
For more interviews, Pistike and even Sophie missed out. Many stars hide their children from the public.
They come to me once or twice a year, they love me too, but that's why I need to emphasize an important thing. The media at the moment is that if someone presents a play, plays in a movie, publishes a poetry volume, gives a concert, they simply aren't known unless they hire a boulevard. For example, we wouldn't talk about my records right now if I didn't tell you about the kids ...