Therefore, it is not good for the child to fall asleep

According to research, you would do very well if you did not let your child bargain for the evening vaccine.

If you get pregnant early, you will be healthier both physically and spiritually

If you have been strictly adhering to your evening investing principles, we have the good news: now researchers are telling you the truth. Not only do you do good when you close the nursery door, you end up on the couch, but with your child too.

Early bedtime = less chance of being obliterated

Earlier in the week, ovis-placed children were exactly 50% less likely to become overweight than those who were regularly enrolled. "Regardless of this, it is not necessarily the time of laying, but rather the quantity and quality of sleep that play a decisive role in this," he told CNN Sarah Anderson, head of research. "The result of the study confirms the assumption that children will only profit from it if they always lie down at the same time and have a normal course of anesthesia."

Double the risk of falling asleep doubles the risk of falling asleep

To shed light on the connection between bedtime and dusk, researchers observed 997 children from high school through adolescence. They recorded their height, weight, body mass index, and when they fell asleep at 4.5 years, and then repeated the same at 15 years of age. those who were in bed before 8 o'clock during their ovis, only 10% of them struggled with excess weight. Among children between the ages of 8 and 9, this proportion became 16%, who were regularly conceived after 9 in the evening, 23% of them overweight.

What is the reason of this?

"First of all, kids who get pregnant earlier are more likely to fall asleep. Sleeplessness alters hunger and metabolism-regulating hormones," Anderson explains. "Ugyanнgy, sleeping with sleep is more likely to be a late night snack (may) before the father, "he adds." The suggestion that a high school child should go to bed at 8 o'clock may be a well-liked family rule that can, in all likelihood, prevent future weight problems. "

Relaxing sleep = healthy brain function

Not only does it increase the risk of obesity if the child is constantly asleep. Everyone knows the sensation when trying to "pick up" a sick, sick little child in the morning - not a big deal to anyone. " Reut Gruber, a researcher at McGill University. "Early bedtime, on the other hand, has a positive effect not only on your little physical, but also on your mental and mental health, as well as your mood. Relaxing sleep regenerates the brain and body " adds Gruber. "When someone is sleep deprived, the connection between the forebrain and the amygdala (found in the limbic part of the brain) breaks down, it is more difficult for him to control his senses"Isn't it the last thing a parent wants, a little kid who can't control his senses? Well, we probably found the recipe, topless in the supermarket, to counter the hysterical scene."Related articles in Sleep:
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