Pictures of the burden we fully agree with

Creative illustrations that give you a funny, yet powerful illustration of what it is like to have a little life growing in you.

Pictures Of The Pregnant We Agree Totally The Pregnancy Is Unique, An unforgettable and, for many reasons, an unforgettable period, which if experienced, you will certainly have a lot of fun and, of course, a funny story in this section of your life. In the nine months that your baby is expecting your baby, your senses, from the excited state of excitement, can get to the other end of the sore, the nervous, the anxious.Zhanna Bulankova's illustration is just taking these moments, that's why everyone who is pregnant or has been pregnant can have so much fun with us.I train a lot - I keep running to and from the washbasin.That is exactly what we are looking for - sensitive.I feel like a princess!A princess who needs more cousins!No, you can't hold my tummy!Dude, it's very hot inside, right????I think this kid thinks my stomach is a soccer ball!Pregnant women don't have to eat two instead ... and it will be tomorrow!I don't even have time to say hi when I pick up the phone. Instead, I start, "Yes, the baby is not really there ..."Mom, do you know when the baby's coming?Oops, I dropped it. Babb, but who cares!(VIA)Related links: