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Parenting mathematics: calculating the date of birth

Serious calculations to prevent a baby - the doctor, the midwife, and the expectant mother are actively considering when the baby will arrive. To do this, the little one often comes shortly after the expected time. Hey, how many days are you pregnant?

It is not easy to calculate the date of birth

The average length of pregnancy is 268 days, ie just over 38 weeks - This was at least what happened to an American research team in 2013 when it sought an explanation of what might cause different pregnancies. By default, doctors use a relatively simple formula when trying to determine the date of birth of a baby: they add 280 days to their last menstrual day"I had several times during pregnancy, of course, they were not too far apart, but it was funny that one week I told my would-be grandma that her granddaughter would arrive in late June, and the next exam would be the child. " Andiwho is expecting her first baby at the beginning of the summer. She says she's not disturbed for the time being, but based on her experience, she may be stressed out the last few weeks, with continued pregnancy. (Ultrasound at week 12 allows experience to calculate a relatively accurate time). At the same time, practice shows that the parent formula is given by dum rather it is only approximate, most times plus-mins the baby surprises the family: on the day of classic calculation namely only 4% of children come to the world, and before or after ten days only 70 percent of newborns arrive.The physicians who completed the 2013 study concluded that the number of slower-embryonic embryos represented a longer time interval from pancreas to delivery. They also found that the older the mother was, the greater the chance of a longer pregnancy. There was a correlation between the mother's birth weight and the duration of her pregnancy, as it was found that one whose first pregnancy was long can be counted as one of her other pregnancies. Overall, the researchers concluded that the length of normal pregnancies could be up to 37 days. It has been an interesting experience between marriage and childbirth. In the context of the results, researchers called attention to the fact that pregnancy and the expected time of childbirth should be taken into consideration by women the exact date of conception cannot be stated many times, as is the case with individual differences. Also worth reading:
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