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If you hold on poorly, the end may be light

From infancy to adulthood, the use of hydrophobia in adults often leads to chinchilla (Chassaignac syndrome).

If you hold on poorly, the end may be lightIf the child is rotated only by the arm, or if it defies the ground, and the parents are wound by the wrist, the radius of the lumbar spine can be narrowed. Suddenly, the arm seems to be repentant: the child's outstretched arm, with his palm turned inward, gently softens, and he cannot lift his mouth by force. Any attempt to move the arm is very painful.Do not try to replace the lever yourself. Instead, get the child to the doctor the sooner the better.

The most common symptoms of the buttocks

  • The arm suddenly went blind
  • The arm is relaxed
  • It is a pain if someone tries to move the lever
The doctor will repair the arm with a few skilled fingers and a swivel. This is all the easier the shorter the time between the accident and the correction. Then the child can move his arm again. In case of frequent sprains, the business tape may open so much that it requires surgery. Never use your wrist to lift a child. If you want to rotate it, not the hand, but the upper arm. Make sure your child is always gripping the shower with two hands. In Malbsk, if it goes down, it may have a buttocks. Sources: Helmut Keudel, Barbara Capelle: Pediatrics kцnyve.
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