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Plush toys are covered without washing machine

You need to start the washing machine unnecessarily to refresh smaller animals. You can use this environmentally friendly method to solve this task quickly and efficiently.

If you thought you would only be eligible for this cooking ingredient when cooking steaks or making puddings, you are definitely lost.
You can use cornstarch - just like bitter corn - if you can use gentle, eco-friendly You can use it to remove stained spots, upholstery and carpet cleaning, or even to refresh your children's stuff.
If you want to clean plush toys, you will only need a larger paper bag.
All you have to do is put the toys in the bag, then sift it with a few spoonfuls of cornstarch, finally sealing the bag end, shaking them thoroughly!
You should occasionally look into the bag to ensure that each pen is adequately covered by the hardener. When you're done, let them rest in the bag for the night!
The next day, carefully lift each bag out and thoroughly dust the hardener out of your coat! If you are not able to dust them outdoors, use a vacuum cleaner and brush to remove excess starch.
With this method, you can bring nice, fresh, tactile, sparkling stuff to the nursery shelf.
Video of the plish cleaning procedure:

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