What a mom is free, not a baby

Our little pet is in some surprising situations. He makes distorted grimaces, telephones the wall, leaps and bounds in the mud. It's hard to understand what's going on in the head. But what should an adult do?

We are often embarrassed, surprised and unable to decide what would be the right reaction. After all, Arrуl was just a very weak, global memory that we once were. The states of life in the two-year-old become, after a while, unconscious and completely lost in our memory. Thus, we tolerate the behavior of the toddler with an adult head that is acceptable, but we have nothing to do with the strange behavior.

Believe me, all is well with the little useless

Many parents turn to a psychologist for help because they think something is wrong with their childhood. The symptoms reported by the parents show some indirect resemblance. It is a common complaint that a toddler falls into a pile of clothes ready for washing and scatters every piece in the apartment. The beauties are fine or the boom is ineffective. Gather up the discarded clothes, but in a careless moment, the little useless one is up there and everything starts over.
It draws tangled lines on a piece of paper, then suddenly jumps over and, if we can't get there in time, scratches the wall thoroughly. Is it an annoyance for adults to do it consciously? You have no annoyance either. The baby at the age of two you still can't decide what you can and can't do do. Х He just saw that Mom was loading the laundry, so why not do it sometimes.
A toddler exemplifies everything that an adult does. We want evil to be what he is discovered, experienced, or cool. Sometimes he just wants to help us, and he is very surprised that your message is not well received.Let's train ourselves into a small place. Yesterday we praised him for drawing a beautiful house on paper. And today, we are thrilled to see the same production on the wall or door of the nursery. For him, this reaction is irresistible, overwhelming. Of course, we can't allow all the "stupidity" of a toddler. But if we think that drawing is a rudimentary manifestation of creativity, our opinion is changing. It is more useful to talk to the little brat instead of scolding.
- I like drawing, you are very cool. But look how ugly the wall has become. Now we wash it off and we can't show daddy how cool his little son is tonight. I recommend that you only use paper as close as possible.Percussion is most useful because your baby would like to add some appreciation to the creature. The little one has no danger until the age of two. That is why we make sure that we are capturing all the movable objects, sometimes the real power of the dwelling. That's right, but slowly you just have to introduce the baby to the dangers in the environment.
At the age of two, he realizes that you really shouldn't let go of all your imaginative excitement. It's important to call attention to this, because otherwise she thinks she is "protected" in every home, and only realizes that it is not, when a dear neighbor in her home would almost have a fluctuating shelf on her own. to believe that the concepts of "forbidden" and "free" in the minds of toddlers are completely confused. Note that if you do something that was previously banned, his eyes stare at us from the cornerand, after being executed, often slaps his own hand. The two-year-old baby knows a little bit about what she's doing.
Motivated by two founders, he wants to outshine the big ones: he understands the concept of "forbidden". On the other hand, it feels an irresistible urge to commit prohibited things. The doctrine of boredom is undoubtedly true: bringing up a toddler requires a lot of patience, understanding and love.
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