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Creative decor for your nursery

Finding a place to live in a small living space for a children's empire certainly requires a great deal of material. And not only to fulfill its most important functions, but also to be flexible enough to keep track of time.

Because the child is a woman, but the apartment is not ...

To educate Nzlés

According to experts, we carry the memory of our childhood with us even when we choose an adult living space. The beloved, aesthetic environment is not only for the present, but also for the future, as the child's glamor can be gently shaped by it. A small children's room also deserves a demanding, trendy curtain.


As the baby turns, he or she starts to love pink and pink from some mysterious interior decoration. Not a very relaxing creature, but there are some treats that can be consumed. Let one wall be composed of a variation of this color scheme, so that you can make a rectangular pattern from the remaining tapes. Dynamic and fun is the interaction. Let's counterbalance the many pinks with white: the floor, the soft carpet and the frame of the bed can be that color.

Transition time

If the nursery has two different ages, it is time for one of them to go to school and the other to spend time just playing. However, the design of the learning place must be resolved so that it can be upgraded. One of the most practical solutions for this is the so-called desk and worktop. It also gives you a comfortable surface for studying and playing, and you can adjust the width to the location. The full article can be found in the current issue of First Small Home Magazine.