These are the best games of 2017 at the Country Play Tournament, Lego is unbeatable, but Conscious Parents can also be proud

We have awarded the National Game Contest Professional and Community awards in nine game categories. The prestigious professional game competition of the Hungarian game market has been organized again, but this year it was a real change.

Lego is unbeatable

The number of gambling entries doubled compared to last year, with 97 vendors competing this year and the public prize money Thousands of votes have been received. The State of Play game on this Saturday also had over 1,400 playful little ones and big ones who had actually tried the games they entered. The highest scoring games can now be labeled "Country Game 2017" at the Christmas market. Organizers have announced a winner's game in each category based on straight points. The highest scoring players have been awarded community or professional awards in this category. According to the rules of the competition, a jury of renowned professionals judged the competing players with a score of 1 and 5 according to predetermined uniform professional criteria. It is interesting that the opinion of the public and the profession is the same in several categories. Pierrot led by a renowned game developer today. Pierrot thinks "good games are good for school", so he personally thinks it's important to always be attracted to new and newer quality games. They were valued by criteria such as skill in skill development, social skill development, gaming innovation, creativity, quality, adherence.In the professional jury, Pierrot was such a renowned expert Csordbs Бgnes, president of the Association of Hungarian Growers, Göde Gabriella, marketing executive at Nickleodeon, Zita Görцg presenter, Jбnossy Gбborin the representation of the Hungarian Newspaper Association, Labancz Danny clinical pediatric psychologist and experiential learning trainer, Katalin Tarjбn leading school teacher, Veselskiy Hussarrik Ildikou, the foundation of the Pedagogical Training Revival Program, and Zöle БgnesThe Manуprogram fхszerkesztхje.A jбtйk you have already winning the karбcsonyi ajбndйkozбs idejйn also hasznбlhatja the Orszбg Jбtйka logуt, kapaszkodуt nyъjtva this szьlхknek the vбsбrlбsnбl the jбtйkok tengerйben.Az "Orszбg Jбtйka 2017" cнmet the kцzцnsйg йs the zsыri йrtйkelйse alapjбn the kцvetkezх jбtйkok nyertйk:Professional Award Winners:
  • Category of Libraries: LEGO DUPLO - School - 10833
  • family party games category: MMM! from GamerCafй
  • Other Players Category: Geomag Pro-L 110pcs from Formatext
  • Other Girl Games Category: LEGO Friends - Sunshine Catamaran - 41317
  • Fonts category: LEGO Classic - Creative Fonts - 10703
  • interactive player category: LEGO - Boost - 17101
  • Skill Games Category: Skill Games - Family 1 of Conscious Syllables
  • motion game category: Breki Party at Model & Hobbit
  • social games for small category: Trash hunting at Promito.
  • They became students:
  • Bubbles Category: Fisher Price - Laugh and Grow - First Words from Mattel
  • Family Party Category: Monopoly Gamer by Hasbro
  • Other Players Category: GEOMAG Pro-L 110pcs from Formatext
  • Other Girl Games Category: LEGO Friends - Catapult Cat - 41317
  • Fonts category: LEGO Classic - Creative Fonts - 10703
  • interactive player category: Hatchimals - Penguella a Spin Master,
  • Skill Games Category: Skill Games - Family 1 of Conscious Syllables
  • movement games category: BoboCar on Rovaniemi
  • social games for small category: Brainbox - Bogy and Babu from Kensho.
  • "It was the first time for a gunman that I said to a laser gun player, this is good. Because if you have to shoot it, you have to do it outdoors, with movement, with a child and safely," said Gábor Jánossy Magyar. "Nickelodeon believes in the power of gaming developers. Good gamers don't mind like, Gives kids the edgeand thus develop their creativity, wisdom and thinking. I particularly like the fact that the competition has given space from baby to teenagers all the time, keeping in mind the evolution and challenges of the digital world, "said Gabriella Göde, executive director of marketing at Nickelodeon.Az changed to a series of national events. He is now the main sponsor of the game, which re-launched the game in 2013. "Every year, many people turn to us to suggest what kind of game we want for our Christmas gift. and the views of childcare professionals, "he said Хri Gergely, JetNet's Managing Director. Public votes have traditionally served a charitable purpose, with the help of three kindergartens and three major benefits.Winning School:
  • Ranked 3 for the Albert Bosnian Don Bosco Catholic Primary School and School, Budapest with 490 votes
  • Ranked 2 for the Huncutka Уvoda, Budapest with 563 votes
  • Ranked 1 in the Hbrsfa Уvoda and Single Уvoda Bцlcsхde, Halimba with 1573 votes
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